The Order 1886 Has Only One Ending: Why More Games Need to Follow Suit

8CN: I was surprised to hear that The Order: 1886 would have only one ending. Video games have been increasingly leaning towards choice-driven open worlds and multiplayer experiences. As the next generation of games has been revealed, I’d begun to almost take it for granted that these types of stories would dominate. Of course, games like Uncharted offer linear storytelling experiences, but they seem like a dying breed. That's why The Order: 1886 feels like a breath of fresh air to me, and I’m happy to see a game that is intent on presenting a defined and directed story.

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gamer11381622d ago

The number of endings comes down to the type of game! The Order isn't an rpg, you will not be making decisions that affect the story. When you have an rpg the idea is taking ownership over the story and when it ends, it's your ending. This whole games as art, more cinematic, is a massive distraction. Games are games and should aspire to be just hat. They should take influences from other mediums but must never forget they are games.

NewMonday1622d ago

most games with alternate endings mostly have superficial differences.

out of all the games I played Chrono Trigger had the most significantly different endings.

gamer11381622d ago

I'm not saying all games that decided to go for multiple endings work. But for the author to claim that multiple endings need to go away is ridiculous. I think the author just wants someone to do to the thinking for him. Doesn't seem like an RPG fan.

Eonjay1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

It really depends on the vision of the developer for the title they are creating. I think its perfectly fine to have one ending (see the masterpiece TLOU) but to say that all games need to do it is as silly as saying that all games need multiplayer.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is one of the best examples of multiple endings done properly IMO

johndoe112111621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

@NewMonday & Eonjay

I would have to say that the games with the best alternate endings are fallout 3 and fallout new vegas, more so fallout new vegas, in my opinion.

What makes those games so unique is that you can spend the entire game developing your character with completely different personalities and it completely changes the story each playthrough depending on the character path you choose.

You make completely different friends, acquire completely different missions, join completely different factions and as a result get completely different endings. This is in my opinion the proper way to do multiple endings.

Although I didn't really have a problem with the endings in Infamous:SS, I think it takes away from the impact of the differences when you do almost the same missions regardless of the path you choose. That's where I think fallout shines. It's like you're playing a different game depending on your initial choices.

showtimefolks1622d ago

i don't mind different endings but not every game needs more than one ending. The order is a story driven game like Uncharted/tomb raider etc, so one ending is good

GribbleGrunger1622d ago

99.9% of games only have one ending = 'Why more games need to have only one ending.' mmmmm ...

iamnsuperman1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

I agree. I am not sure what the author is talking about. Most games have one ending. Multiple endings is quite rare an usually not well executed. I also disagree with the author's opinion that linear storytelling experiences are a dying bread. It is quite the opposite since gaming has evolved to a point where story really matters (doing a linear based story is all the rage now).

spicelicka1621d ago

Lol that's exactly what I came to write

60FramesPerSecond1622d ago

One ending allows a better, more uniform story. i personally think decisions in games are kind of pointless. while infamous allowed for two endings, i think maybe one decision is good, and after that its kind of pointless. it hurts story quality and hurts immersion

aragon1621d ago

Lots of games allow for different endings especially the ones with karma, it works and it makes sense, if edevelopers can do multiple endings right, then do it it adds replay ability, if one ending suits the game then do one ending.

snookiegamer1622d ago

Make an awesome game...end it how many ways you want.

gamerfan09091622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

The majority of games have one ending so why would an industry that's already been doing this for decades now follow suit? If you're saying games like the witcher 3 that's going to have a ton of different endings depending on how you play the game should switch to one ending then that's stupid. Why should artists water down their vision for anything.

AgentSmithPS41622d ago

No matter how many different endings a game has, if they do it right then there's no problem.

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