Why We Should Give Homefront A Second Chance

Homefront is back from the dead and we should all give the series another chance. Titled Homefront: The Revolution, the new game already seems to be on the right track.

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1574d ago
iamnsuperman1574d ago

Two things make me cautions with the new homefront. Firstly and most importantly it is being made by Cyrtek. Those guys don't exactly have the best track record with making fun games. They can make pretty games but to play they generally are mediocre at best. Secondly, the setting is putting me off this game. There is a fine line you have to tread with the set up. You don't want the campaign trumpets playing to the tune of USA USA nor do you want to completely ignore it. This may be a small issue but many games have fallen into this trip (most notably Call of Duty)

corvusmd1574d ago

I liked the first Homefront a lot (it helped me practice my Korean while playing a game), and the second one looks to be even I'm more than willing to give it a "second chance"

Codewow1574d ago

I had a lot of fun with the first Homefront title. I was pretty decent on the online side of the game. It's just too bad that the maps were a little too small for the vehicles or it would have been a lot better.