Bungie on Destiny Redefining a Genre: The Idea Would be Arrogant

Bungie on Destiny Redefining a Genre: The Idea Would be Arrogant

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acharlez1665d ago

At least they're being realistic.

Thatguy-3101665d ago

Exactly! There is no point for them to say things like that. Let the game speak for itself. Look at what happened with Watch Dogs. Ubisoft said that it was going to redefine the open world genre and it fell right on its face.

MysticStrummer1665d ago

"Look at what happened with Watch Dogs"

True, but a better example when compared to Destiny is another FPS that was supposed to rock the world a few months ago. I forget the name...

Eonjay1665d ago

I'm pretty sure they were alluding to Titanfall.

AceBlazer131665d ago

Let's be real we all know what game everyone is thinking about with this statement. The one that was hyped to hell and back yet fell on it's face, T...Fall and no it's not Towerfall.

If anyone says destiny is trash they're either a hater or a part of the minority most of the people that played it agree that the game is awesome. Majority rules.

jebabcock1665d ago

hmm... Saying Watch Dogs fell flat on its face is just plain ridiculous...

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ftwrthtx1665d ago

No one should expect a genre to be redefined at this point.

60FramesPerSecond1665d ago

Bungie should just craft a fps game worthy of the next decade. Not asking for much, or anything

PlaystationSquuad1665d ago

Desinty looks like more of the same. When they first showed it at E3 '13 it looked interesting but now that i see what the whole game concept is it looks like garbage. All Desitiny is is a mixture of Halo and Borderlands...which is a bad thing

cr33ping_death1665d ago

Someone didn't get into the Alpha. And how is it a bad thing?

NiteX1665d ago

It's his opinion. Not everyone enjoyed Halo and Borderlands.

Foolsjoker1665d ago

I was worried that Destiny would be all hype, but man they have really met expectations and blown some out of the water. So, yes, they didn't redefine anything, but they sure are moving it forward.

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