The PlayStation Offerings - July, 2014: The "Have You Played These Games Yet?" Edition

Every week, Short Pause breaks down the current offerings in the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection and delves deep into what the games themselves can offer gamers. Read about the time commitment and the Trophies in this month's ragtag line-up of titles, mock the author for having never played Dead Space, and learn about how the site is going to cover the offered games in the weeks and months to come.

Riveting stuff, most certainly!

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xHeavYx1567d ago

Most interesting part, all the games offered would cost $100 (plus tax)

miyamoto1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

Downloading a rare treasure of a game: Muramasa Rebirth now!
Played a bit of it on the Wii and its was very good. Now I can play the whole game now.
My second Vanilla ware game after the awesome Dragon's Crown.

guitarded771567d ago

Muramasa Rebirth is the highlight of the month IMO... that and Stryder as a close second. Honestly it's kinda an underwhelming month for ME (not for everyone else, so no need to tell me I'm wrong, but I'm sure some still will).

Terraria from June is like heroin though. Freakin' 2D Minecraft + Dark Souls... My Vita has been getting a workout since downloading it.

diehardmetallicafan1566d ago

im not normally into games like muaramasa but i got hooked and now im attempting to beat the game with both characters and their different endings in fury mode...

wannabe gamer1567d ago

If i wanted them yes but i dont and i wish i had my 35$ back from PS+ year sub. every game they offer is either old or junk or a multiplat game that everyone already has. bah

xHeavYx1567d ago

Your username fits you ;)

Octo11567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

@ Wannabe
I call BS that you are even a Plus member. Before you took the plunge you knew and had a chance to look at games that PS+ has provided in the past and yes they are often old and multiplat games. So why in the f*&k would this change just because you joined?!
Try harder why don't you?

wannabe gamer1564d ago

I got uncharted 3 which was good but other than that all the games are multiplat games that i alrady have on PC. I got PS+ hoping for some sony exclusives but all ive seen is gamesthat are on other platforms. so for my money it wasnt worth it. it could be worth it to someone that only has a ps3 as their only platform but to me it turned out to be a waste so far. i got it in march so there is time to turn it arounf but i havent even bothered to sign in sincce march cause there hasnt been anything i want.

badz1491567d ago

I don't have any of those game! YEA for me! But my backlog is as huge as ever! So many free games, so little time!

iSuperSaiyanGod1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

A lame ps plus month in my opinion .

*waiting for the diss agrees* . Btw I am a sony supporter before you go and write a 4 paragraph book on how I hate sony .

Rhezin1567d ago

I agree. Complete trash month. At least we get Hohokum, Apotheon, and InFamous: First Light in August.

And this month for me I guess will be Destiny beta and Last of Us: Remastered.

guitarded771567d ago

I wouldn't call it complete trash, but like I said in my earlier comment, it is a bit underwhelming. Especially since I own 3 of the games already. If someone doesn't own all PS platforms, it could seem REALLY underwhelming.

bmbnbs1567d ago

I don't need four paragraphs to tell you that I respect your opinion and am glad you shared it.

mikeslemonade1567d ago

Standalone month it's good, but if you compare to previous months it's not so good

Avernus1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

IDK... for you maybe, and nothing's wrong with that. People are entitled to their opinions / likes / dislikes.

For me though, I'm glad Strider is coming to PS+, was thinking about buying it. Didn't get Dead Space 3 when it came out and with all the games on PS3 I simply forgot about it, so I'm glad that's coming also.

The other games? Meh... some people might enjoy them.

admiralvic1567d ago

"The other games? Meh... some people might enjoy them."

Funny, I platinumed 3/6 of the games this month and I would say Muramasa is by a wide margin the best game offered this month. Its pretty much Strider* (2d game where you run around slashing things) with better graphics / art style (no one is going to say a Vanillaware game looks bad), more replay value and depth and some awesome looking DLC to continue your adventure with.

* I only explain it this way because you were thinking of buying Strider.

jonatan2211567d ago

I'm pretty stoked as a vita owner though, murumasa rebirth looks great! and I never got to try strider along with towerfall!

kingdom181567d ago

IMO its not that bad, I'd take Strider but it would be better if I haven't already bought Muramasa Rebirth, but we have had better ones most certainly.

SilentNegotiator1567d ago

You wrote more whining about how you're going to get "diss agrees" than about why you thought it's a lame month. Why would you NOT get lots of disagrees?

iSuperSaiyanGod1566d ago

If you consider 2 sentences "whining" then that's your problem . I just know how the story goes . If I didn't write it I'd get disagrees anyway , and a lecture how I "hate free game" So might as well point it out why I'm at it . I'm sorry I Just find it comical on how much people care about disagrees or likes .😂😂

LordSane1567d ago

True, i'll wait for games that worth resubing.

ramiuk11567d ago

i havent play any of ps4 games so its ok for me,cant please everyone i suppose.
im just glad destiny beta starts soon and then last of us in 30 days

user56695101567d ago

havent you learned you cant say anything bad about sony on this site EVER.

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jonboi241567d ago

I've played half of those games so looking forward to this month.

PlaystationSquuad1567d ago

So happy i decided to get a PS3 instead of PS4. I'm drowning in games as it is and now i have to download Dead Space 3

Dudebro901567d ago

Dead space 3 is crap. Skip it.

Muzikguy1567d ago

Dead space 3 sucks. There's a reason it's free. Don't believe me? What other EA games have made it to Plus? I thought about downloading it just because..... But no.

Silly gameAr1566d ago

Off the top of my head, Battlefield 3 and Bulletstorm were part of plus.

infinitewords1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

I actually liked Dead Space 3, but I'm also a fan of the series. A lot of people complained about the game being more action than horror, but I didn't really mind. I should note, however, that I don't play a lot of horror titles, so that could be why I didn't mind the action in it.

TomahawkX1567d ago

was planning on eventually buying strider and towerfall for PS4. Well that is $30 back in my pocket, PS+ rocks!

Jack_Reacher1567d ago

If you so desired that $30 would almost get you TLOU remaster. Actually it probably would not when you converted it. I got mine pre ordered for £30 so I thinking thats a fair chunk you have from £ to $.

Anyway you get the idea. What im trying to say is thats a good saving towards another purchase.

Why the hell did I not just say that in the first place.. . . . .

Now look what you did I'm having an argument with myself!!!!!

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