Watch_Dogs - New Screenshots From "TheWorse Enhanced Reality" Mod Look Spectacular

Guru3D’s member ‘Lunayah’ has shared a new set of screenshots from the upcoming version of his mod that is based on TheWorse’s mod.

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Codewow1596d ago

Do we really need to keep feeding into this. This is just getting old now. :/

christrules00411595d ago

It is getting old. However it keeps me up to date when a new version of the mod comes out.

NovusTerminus1595d ago

News is news, and people are looking forward to this mod, so it is akin to having screens and updates to any other game coming out.

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Magicite1595d ago

If modders with limited resources can do this, why Ubisoft with nearly unlimited resources couldn't?

lemoncake1595d ago

Because modders can do crazy stuff without having to worry about performance issues on the average users pc.

TekoIie1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

"Do we really need to keep feeding into this."

No but you're here so whats your excuse?

Codewow1595d ago

First comment is my excuse. ;)

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sungin1595d ago

i love it when ubisoft exposed :) man so refreshing and tasty.

drjonesjnr1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Sorry but i don't see the apparent greatness of the graphics
just looks like watchdogs to me. Do pc gamers actually play games or do they just mess with the graphics all the time?

I wouldn't mind if it was a good game but its not its very mediocre game, probably the most disappointing game ive ever played its soulless. Gta5 was more next gen on ps3/360. And the game left a very sour taste in my mouth. So much that i will never believe another word ubishaft say. 4/10 for me.
and i might just ad that even with this new mod the graphics are nowhere near on the level of infamous second son.

starchild1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

You sound jealous. And ignorant. No, we don't just mess with graphics all the time.

And your comment about GTA5 on last gen consoles looking better is a joke. Watch Dogs wins in nearly every category, from geometric complexity to textures and from character models to shader effects. GTA5 on PC and next gen consoles may very well end up looking better because it is being massively overhauled, but GTA5 on PS3/360 looks like the last gen game it is.

Also, I have Watch Dogs on PC and Infamous on PS4 (I can prove it to you if you like) and the truth is they each do some things better than the other. Watch Dogs has better NPC character models and animations, better LOD levels on mid and far-distance objects and buildings, much better shadow quality (they're blocky in Infamous), far more dynamic shadows at night (mostly absent in Infamous), superior foliage quantity and quality, as well as dynamically animated foliage and cloth.

Infamous Second Son has better particle effects, fuller use of screen space reflections, a somewhat more detailed main character model, better variety of materials and a more colorful art direction.

I really enjoy both games and they each have their advantages in terms of visuals. If I had to pick one for visuals alone, though, I'd have to say that modded Watch Dogs looks a bit better to me than Infamous Second Son.

BVFTW1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Advantage Starchild, thumbs up!
@drjonesjnr for "some" PC gamers messing with the game is part of the charm may it be by optimizing its configuration or modding the heck out of it, its just a "choice".

CannonB81595d ago

I agree with a lot of what you are saying, but one thing you said kind of reinforces what drjonesjr is on about.
You claim that GTA5 looking more next-gen was a joke.
If you re-read his post, he doesn't mention Next Gen graphics. He just said it was more next gen on PS3/Xbox360.
Next Gen to me and a lot of other people isn't only about the graphics (which PC owners seem to use as a trump card). It's about the experience and Rockstar deserve a lot of credit for giving us that kind of experience on an older system (note I didn't say inferior).
Yes, the new machines (I have a PS4) have better graphics but, although the games look prettier, I'm more excited about the new possibilities the enhanced power can generate.
It's an exciting time to be a gamer. Can't we all just get along?