The Not So Failings Of A Gamer – Completing Dragon’s Dogma

IM PLAYIN looks at Dragon's Dogma and talks of the game's difficulty, and the joys of sticking it out.

"When thinking about completing Dragon’s Dogma, one song comes to mind - “The Bomb” by Pigeon John. If you kept up with E3, or if you’ve been on our Facebook of late, you might have heard the song in the recent Dead Island II cinematic trailer. If you haven’t, give it a YouTube. It’s a brilliant song, but it also completely encapsulates this article and my feelings towards completing Dragon’s Dogma. When I first bought the game on its release, I gave up rather sharpish. I wasn’t in the mood for a challenge and I was a tad naïve about how difficult the game actually was. After a year or so of waiting, I finally decided to re-purchase the game and give it the old college try. This time round, I wasn’t going to be defeated."

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