Pokémon Gets its Own Channel on iTunes

Hardcore Gamer: To make this offer even sweeter, new XY episodes will be added to iTunes every week.

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60FramesPerSecond1660d ago

Pokemon was funny back in the day. rememeber when pikachu liked ketchup? that was funny

ValKilmer1660d ago

I find it funny how all of the kids who grew up with Pokemon have now reached adulthood and are clamoring to watch it again. God, time slips away too quickly.

Summons751660d ago

Love the first couple season and I always will but I've been downloading the XY series for my little one and honestly this series is really good. character's are interesting, Ash is actually intelligent, the annoying Team Rocket shoehorn in every episode is brought back and sometimes don't even show up and when they do they actually seem somewhat smart like they were in early season 1.

Again, I'll always favor the gen 1 & 2 series (and so does my little one) but the news ones aren't half bad, way better than gen 3-5 series.

TXIDarkAvenger1660d ago

Yeah a lot of people fail to realize this. The new Pokemon isn't as bad as you think. The show didn't get worse, you just grew older.

Summons751660d ago


I see your point and agree completely. However RS/DP/BW were pretty bad in the writing department. Near the end of BW things started getting interesting when they actually had one of Ash's released poke come back, that really shook things up for me.