Valve Adds Button to Steam That Says Give Us Money, Makes 2 Million Dollars in 3 Hours

It appears that this new button which simply says “give us money” has been a rousing success for Valve, earning two million dollars in just three hours. Steam developer Taylor Sherman explained how this is the culmination of years of hard work.

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Codewow1569d ago

In 3 hours!? Half-life 3 confirmed! But it's going to be delayed 6 months because it was only 2 million dollars.

Qrphe1569d ago

Typical valvedrones

But hey, at least one moderately funny article from p4rgaming

WeAreLegion1568d ago

I wonder how much they would make if they did that.

StockpileTom1568d ago

I buy games, I get those cards which I don't care about, and there is this nice "Give me some money too!" button beside those cards. I use said money to buy more sale games.