Yacht Club 'knew they wanted' Shovel Knight on Nintendo platforms from the start, talk EU release

A portion of a CVG interview with Yacht Club...
"CVG: It must have been particularly encouraging, considering that this game was meant to evoke NES nostalgia.

YC: Even before we had official word, we knew we wanted to be on Nintendo. It's not like we put feelers out to all the platforms, we just went after Nintendo directly."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Games like this make a strong case for Indies being more viable entertainment than gimped multiplatform ports, on the wii u.(at least until third parties start supporting their games better on it)
So glad they made this game, can't wait for the dlc extras!

jcnba281571d ago

Was really looking forward to this game but then it got delayed AGAIN for Europe... -___-

weekev151571d ago

How is a genuine interview with the developer of a game clickbait? Clickbait is like 50 games you must own now, then each game is on a seperate page. Or troll bait like "why WiiU hs already failed."

jelani4351571d ago

Clickbait also includes stuff that we already knew, made to sound important. Just look at the title you skrub...

Rockefellow1571d ago

To be fair, there's absolutely nothing new in this entire piece. Even the wording from YCG is recycled from old blog posts and updates from before the Kickstarter finished over a year ago. I wouldn't consider it "clickbait," but I see what he's trying to say.

weekev151571d ago

So I looked at the title clicked on the article and still have no idea what you are on about. The article is describing an interview with a game developer who have offered up news about the way they are working on the EU release whilst explaining the platform its on.

Your point is invalid and your personal attack has made it look worse.

MNGamer-N1571d ago

Going to get this game eventually. Even if it ends up killing me.