The Last of Us on PS4 Should Have Constant 60 FPS and No Drops; Reference Pictures Revealed

Naughty Dog has been teasing us with talk of 60 FPS for The Last of Us Remastered for a while, but considering the habit of many developers and publishers to call “60 FPS” a frame rate that touches that goal but dips under it when things get chaotic, having doubts is legitimate. Pictures that were used as reference for Left Behind were also revealed.


60 Fps also confirmed for both single and multiplayer.

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RichardDawkins1662d ago

Damn..Look at those photos! Can't wait to play Left behind again.


I can't wait to go through the amazing story again, also i never had any of the MP DLC so im really excited for that too.

1662d ago
BlackTar1871662d ago


please post SPOILER SPOILER before you comment stuff like that.

Eonjay1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

Wow, it looks good.

Bathyj1662d ago

ND are trolling us. Those photos are actually screens from Last of Us 2.

kingPoS1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

I'm not sure, but I think those were used as references. What would nice though, would be if it can look nearly as good.

edit: I thought it was ingame too, until read that those were reference photos. (ace ones at that)

Gateway MT6706 2008

Bathyj1662d ago

Yeah, I know. I should have put a ;P or a /s.

I just assumed everyone knew not to take me seriously. ;P

Dee_911662d ago

I really thought they where 3d renders, the sky lights look very 3d-y

ATi_Elite1661d ago

OMG that's Rolling Acres Mall in Akron, Ohio!!!!!!

When I was a teemager that was the COOL MALL to go to and hang out in. I bought my first pair of Jordan's there, I bought Strider there for $79.99, I spilled my slushy in the fountain and got kicked out of the mall lol.

I spent so much time and money in the Aladdin's Castle Arcade playing awesome arcade titles from Neo-Geo, Sega, and of course spending way too much $$$$ on Street Fighter 2.

Wow I may have to pick up TLOU for the Left behind DLC to see my childhood mall.

Naughty Dogg I salute you i7!

By the way I playing After Burner when the G-Loc machine next to me went haywire and flipped that kid out of it if anyone on N4G is from Akron and heard about it.

*kid was not hurt but it was funny as heck

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nicksetzer11662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

Looks amazing, but it comes off with a weird feel to me in comparison to the ps3 version. I feel like it is just shy of uber realism and throws it right in an uncanny valley for me. It looks very realistic, but it is off enough that it just strikes me as weird, yet beautiful. Seeing this gets me excited for the new uncharted game, as it will truly be a testament to next gen. The fact this game runs 60fps looking this great is still amazing though.

There is no question that this is the best looking environment any game has had so far this gen. Can't wait to see the character models.

@op that would explain why it looks so real, but off, they must have used a 3$ disposable camera to take them because they just look to grainy and off for photos taken by a camera in this century. Jaggies, lower res, (for a photo) and unrealistic exposure.

This photo quality simply is just horrible
Hence assuming it was in-game.

RichardDawkins1662d ago

Those are REAL photos used as a reference for Left Behind. They are not in-game screenshots.

Abriael1662d ago

ah, haikyo, my secret passion (at least watching pics on the internet, I'm not crazy enough to do it myself).

GarrusVakarian1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago ) thought those were in-game screenshots? How could you possibly make that mistake, why would a remastered PS3 game look like real life?

Great news about 60fps, a few drops here and there is no biggie, but if it stays at 60, or very close to it, for the vast majority of the time then that will be awesome.

Bathyj1662d ago

And they say reading is a dying art...

60FramesPerSecond1662d ago

Yes. Its a ps3 game remastered, so it should have 60fps locked

MysticStrummer1662d ago

That really doesn't make much sense, given the well documented difficulty of coding for the Cell. It's not just a simple port with better res and fps.

MegaRay1662d ago

No offence but is 60FPS is all you care for? lol

Bathyj1662d ago

Makes no sense at all. People need to get over this notion a remastered game automatically means 1080p60fps.

Theyve upped the polys, theyve upped the textures, theyve redone the lighting and improved the AI.

This game will compare visually to any "next gen" game currently out even if they were built from the ground up for next gen consoles so the fact the source material was a ps3 game isnt really relevant.

And anyone that thinks porting code from ps3's exotic hardware is a simple process doesnt know anything about coding. It would be easier to port a X360 to PS4 than a PS3 game.

starchild1662d ago

That's all true. It's not as easy as people think. Plus, as you said, the game has been upgraded in many key areas. I don't think people realize how much more performance it requires to more than double the resolution AND double the framerate.

Tomb Raider Definitive Edition is my other favorite "remaster" and I can't wait for The Last of Us Remastered.

lemoncake1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

Really depends if they intended to release the game on ps4 while making the initial game, the time gap seems to point towards this always being on the cards and not something that was decided post launch. In which case it would be no more difficult than any other cross gen game.

The engine is already cross gen capable as they using the same one for the next unchartered.

hkgamer1662d ago

well said. however, it doesn't seem to be comparable to actual next gen games.

mkis0071662d ago

Still have to learn if GTA5 will be 30 fps or 60. If it is 30 they have no excuse not to hard lock it.

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Nekroo911662d ago

Tom raider xbox version *cough* *cough* 30fps

60FramesPerSecond1662d ago

I personally enjoyed "Tom" Raider. no but seriously, thats cause xb1 is weak. i love halo and what not, but its a weak system. this is ps4

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Bonkerz1662d ago

Does anyone find it weird that we havent seen gameplay yet?

LOL_WUT1662d ago

No in Naughty Gods we trust! ;)

MasterCornholio1662d ago

Thats because they want to surprise is with how good it looks. I don't see people complaining about seeing footage from other collections like the MCC or Metro Redux collection. I don't see why people should make an exception for the Last of Us.

Prime1571662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

YouTube doesn't stream it correctly enough, so I don't blame them. It'll have 60fps support soon, and people will see the difference.

Would have to release a huge file to play on specific media players.

EcoSos31662d ago

Yes I'm they should already have show it comes out in like a month and we still haven't seen anything. I'm tired of this blind Sony fanboys saying it's going to be amazing when they haven't seen it either.

madjedi1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

If you enjoyed the original release, you don't really need to see it because you already saw the ps3 version.

This is a graphical upgrade, the people that considered amazing before, now get a amazing game + a significant graphical revamp is going to be even better than the original.

Typically the people complaining about blind "insert group here" fanboys are in fact fanboys themselves.

Look at the tomb raider rerelease for next gen, i think those "blind" fanboys have a fairly decent idea of how it's going to look.

MasterCornholio1661d ago

The game has won over 250 GOTY awards. I think its done enough to prove that its good.

Summons751662d ago

You must of missed the E3 trailer that had gameplay in it....

badz1491661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Seriously, why are people disagreeing with this? If you watched the E3 live, there were many gameplay clips in that trailer and I sure as hell those are running 60fps because of how fluid they were unlike the PS3 version.

starchild1662d ago

The problem is, the differences won't be highly noticeable in videos. When the core art is the same it is hard to notice significant differences unless you play the game yourself.

It's like the difference between multiplats on PC and console. If you just watch a video you think they look pretty much the same, but if you actually play both versions you immediately notice significant differences.

hkgamer1662d ago

yeah i do find it weird. i mean we know that the cutscenes are great but the ps3 was prerendered so it was good enough anyway.

i really like to see gameplay vs gameplay screenshot.

sourav931662d ago

Well, ND have said the the graphics during gameplay of the ps4 version will equal to the pre-rendered cutscenes of the ps3 version. So you can use that to get an idea to how the gameplay graphics of the ps4 will look like.

anwe1661d ago

I find it very telling that they haven’t shown anything yet when its so close to release. Everyone is too busy beating the 60fps wardrums to care though. What minor difference we saw in the teaser will be exactly what we get, at 60fps.

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Aces171662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

I know this will get some hate, but seriously how many articles do we need about the frame rate of one re-released game.

Abriael1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

From me at least, only the very few in which something actually relevant is said. And the fact that it won't have framerate drops is IMHO pretty relevant.

Can't speak for others.

starchild1662d ago

Yeah, I think it is relevant. I was wondering how closely it would stick to the 60fps target.

uth111662d ago

only 4 more weeks of it! :/

We don't need to publish a story everytime someone from ND sneezes. Yes, they are awesome developers but the ND worshop in the comments of every article is embarrassing.

TheTwelve1662d ago

You think you'll get hate? Imagine the hate I get when I as a Sony fanboy state that I find The Last of Us incredibly boring. =/

CloudRap1662d ago Show
SamPao1662d ago


Best comment ever

ThunderSpark1662d ago

TheTwelve, go home. You're drunk.

SilentNegotiator1662d ago

Yes, imagine how much people will care that "TheTwelve" doesn't like Last of Us. It'll be chaos.

MysticStrummer1662d ago

If that's your honest opinion, that's just how it is. I'm a confirmed Sony fanboy who finds Killzone to be very nice looking but otherwise pretty typical. I've been called an XB fanboy more than once because of that. Never mind that I put Halo in that same typical category…

TheTwelve1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

I also love Knack. =) Another opinion that seems to breed hate, hahahaa

@Silent: 25 disagrees and counting!

sourav931662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

Did you enjoy the Uncharted series from last gen? I'm a huge fan of Uncharted; probably my favourite game series. When I first started TLOU, I have to say it was indeed a slow start. I knew it was going to have a darker tone, and I knew Uncharted's epic moments would be missing, but this was ND, so I kept playing. Once I learned how to play the game right, I found it amazing. Even though I still prefer Uncharted over TLOU, TLOU was an awesome gaming experience. Maybe you should give it another chance?

SilentNegotiator1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )


Because disagreeing and caring about someone's opinion are the exact same things. /s
People spent a quadrillionth of a calorie clicking disagree; get over yourself.

TheTwelve1662d ago

@sourav93 --- I absolutely loved the Uncharted series. In fact, Uncharted 2 might be my favorite game on the PS3.

I tried getting into TLOU several times. After it won so many GOTY awards, I tried again. I figured I missed something, but the same results. I just...don't get it.

@Silent --- You first, buddy!

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GarrusVakarian1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

The attention comes with the popularity of the game, i guess.

A better question would be...why do people care so much about how much attention this game is getting? How does it affect non-buyers, or people who aren't interested, in any way? People these days just love to whine at anything.

Plenty of people are excited about this and will jump at the chance for any scrap of info.


That would be overkill.....if that actually happened, but it doesn't, you're grossly exaggerating. And even IF that was the case....again, why do you care? Why does anyone care enough to actually go into said articles and whine about it? Simply scroll past the article and ignore it.

uth111662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

even when it's the same scrap of info regurgitated in to 10 separate articles over the course of 6-hours?

it's a bit overkill, isn't it?


I am exaggerating, but not by a lot. I care because I am excited for the game, but everytime I've seen an article about it over the past few days it's about the same few tweets about 60fps.
I'm looking for new information too.

GarrusVakarian1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

"I'm looking for new information too."

And you've just been given some, we now know it runs at a stable 60fps, something we didn't know an hour ago.

So...what's the problem here?


No, you didn't. They said they were "targeting" over 60fps, in order to lock it at 60fps. This is confirmation of them reaching that target. Confirmation of a target is new info.

uth111662d ago

About solid 60fps? It's not new information, I read it two or three days ago when ND said they targetted higher than 60 so they could lock it at 60

SilentNegotiator1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

Confirming that they're targeting above 60fps to get a locked 60fps isn't the same thing as confirming that they made that target.

Now, that said, I hope we're done with the framerate Last of Us articles. There's nothing else to really be said with a confirmation.

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