Dragon Age: Inquisition – “Most” Buildings Can be Entered, Character Development Explained

OnlySP: Some more Dragon Age: Inquisition details have been posted online over the past couple days.

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KrisButtar1573d ago

Say out of 10 buildings how many would most be? 9?

AC2020x1572d ago

If I had to guess.. Most would be 75% at best!

Blacklash931572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Anything over 50% is all we can safely say right now.

Rainbowcookie1572d ago

Retro gamers of 30 years ago, cool I can enter buildings. Gamers in the last decade. How many out of 10 would that be. Gamers of the last 2 years. Does this run at 60fps 1080p. R.p.g games there be dragons! :)