Evolve Wins Game Critics Award For Best Of Show

GameInformer- "Thirty-nine publications have submitted their ballots, and the results are in. The Game Critics Best of E3 2014 Awards have been announced.

Turtle Rock’s Evolve takes home the Best of Show award (coincidentally, it was our winner for the same accolade). Evolve also came away with three other awards.

Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky won Best Original game. It rivaled Evolve with three of its own awards."

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-Foxtrot1667d ago

Really? Of all the things there...Evolve?

Looks decent but nothing they've shown is anything to get really excited about, especially with the better looking games coming out at the end of this year.

BullyMangler1666d ago

Evolve gets nothing but my footprints lol .

bayonetta 2 proves my point ha

FarEastOrient1666d ago

Is this game going to be like Titanfall? Wins all these show rewards and when it finally hits retail, the crowd leaves the game after playing for a couple of weeks.

MysticStrummer1666d ago

I was actually interested in Evolve until I saw it in action and read more about it. Not sure why that killed my interest but for whatever reason it did. Maybe I'll change my mind but for now it's not a game I'm looking forward to at all.

Team_Litt1666d ago

Who would have thunk it? That a game gets judged on how it plays and not how it looks?!

-Foxtrot1666d ago

But it looks unbalanced as hell

Magicite1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege or Batman: Arkham Knight for me.

HaveAsandwich1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Maybe you have to play Evolve to "get it". I've seen all the footage available, and i'm not hyped at all. Looks overly grindy, and too repetitive.

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Hanuman1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

What I've seen so far is looking pretty awesome. Can't wait to bag me one of those narly beasts. (Yes, I said narly)

Hanso1666d ago

meh Bloodborne and Bayo 2 for me.

Einhert1666d ago

Only featured playable games.

gamerfan09091666d ago

Bloodbourne was shown in a trailer with zero gameplay. I have no clue how that can be game of the show.

TheBoy1666d ago

Evolve looks interesting, but I don't see the big fuss about it, I see a lot of gaming publications give it Game of the Show. I guess I'll have to play it to understand. My game of the show would of been Witcher 3 and the Master Chief Collection.

objdadon1666d ago

I just can't wait to play the order 1886

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The story is too old to be commented.