The Industry Needs To Return To Arcades

Cinelinx - "The current generation of gamers is rather young and continuing to evolve, but gaming itself has been around for decades. Considering how massive the game industry is now, it’s crazy to think they’re not trying to expand beyond your living rooms. Movies have theaters, music has concerts, and even comic books have evolved beyond comics. Why is gaming not trying to “put on a show” like everyone else? With events like E3 and PAX, it has been proven that gamers can and will spend money to get more out of gaming. The problem is that gaming was once actually popular as arcades and now those arcades have vanished. However, arcades could be the concert or movie theaters of the gaming industry, if they were ever given a chance, but due to the history of the arcade, that may never happen. Let’s discover what arcades were and re-imagine them in a new way that could lead to a massive expansion of video games."

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Hanuman1572d ago

Yeah, and let's all grease up our hair and wear leather jackets again.

NexGen1572d ago

Some of us wore denim jackets, okay?

kneon1571d ago

And some of us wore both, sometimes at the same time ;)

iceman061571d ago

You laugh, but every trend makes a return!!! LOL

Blank1572d ago

Im not going to lie but this article is pretty damn good and is a breath of fresh air gamers that love gaming no matter what platform especially if you are a varied gamer that loves barcades like me. This article truly makes me wish that many can see the return of arcades as something possible it just need to be modernized, its truly a market waiting to be revived considering how gaming has blown up.

sprinterboy1572d ago

Fond memories of the arcades, spent hrs in them. In the UK kids have nothing to do when out and about most of the time especially at night where they end up causing trouble cause they are bored. If done right I could see a return of the arcade in a new form, food/refreshments or competitive racing games or High score battles with prizes maybe

Mutant-Spud1572d ago

There's still an arcade/pool hall near where I live but it's pretty dodgy and I wouldn't let my kids go there, the tabletop RPG and fantasy card game shops seem to be getting more of a following as well, on our high street there are always lines of kids waiting for the Warhammer and Magic: The Gathering places to open.

caseh1571d ago

There are a few guys in London who have the right idea. Look up The Heart of Gaming, it will never be how it was in the day, dimly lit with sticky carpets and an eerie atmosphere with cigarette smoke lingering however what they have done so far looks amazing and they sometimes run all night sessions.

Tour of the arcade how it looked a year ago:

There's another one that's more recent but can't find it, but the the sheer amount of stuff they have there now is impressive.

Mutant-Spud1572d ago

Oh joy, the arcades, I remember the scene well, the fights, the drug dealers, the pedophiles, the smell of stale cigarette smoke and B.O and the hassles with the cops who assumed anyone who played video games was a mentally disturbed satanist.
You punk kids don't know how good you've got it...why back in the 1980's we had to ride our bikes for miles just to stand in line waiting for our turn at the Defender machine, you'd put your coin on the bottom of the screen to mark your place.. etc etc

kneon1571d ago

I don't recall any such problems, even the cigarette smoke wasn't so bad. I guess it depends on where you go.

LightDiego1571d ago

You got lucky on that day mate, next time i will catch you.

lfc_4eva1572d ago

Awesome days. Making a day of it to ride down to the local arcade.

Star Wars cabinets in vector graphics and real sound clips, YEAH!!!

Double Dragon two player, dual arcade sticks. Trying to beat your mate to the conveniently placed roast chicken to get some extra health :-)

Ikari Warriors trying to imitate Rambo and be a one man army.

Or massively multiplayer (4 player hehehehe) Gauntlet. Ah man I loved that.

Those days are long gone and will never come back. The cost of the machines is the biggest concern and the cost of venues. Plus most arcade halls are only money making in the Summer months. Looks like we all will have to make do with our home machines. Sad, sad, sad.

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