My Street Fighter V Wishlist

CCC Says: "I have to admit, I’ve always been a Mortal Kombat guy. While you probably already now that (If you’ve read any of my work on the site), naturally I still hold a special place in my heart for the arcade standard that is Street Fighter. Spine pulling and bloody spears are great and all, but nothing beats the satisfaction of a killer “HADOKEN” or a fiery Dragon Punch to end the match in a burst of psychedelic colors. Street Fighter is considered the grand-daddy of them all, as Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon reveals their fatalities originate from the popular “dizzy” mechanic players sometimes become stuck in."

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60FramesPerSecond1622d ago

third party characters. or mega man.

Geekman1621d ago

My wishlist:

Super Street Fighter V