Our First Look at Real Gaming Innovation

CCC Says: "After Sony announced the PS Now service at this year’s CES, I can honestly say I was fairly blown away. Scratch that, I was Terry Crews in those Old Spice commercials where my brain rockets out of my head before exploding in front of my face. While I expected things to get a little crazy when the next-generation of consoles finally rolled around, I don’t think anyone expected Sony to flip the script quite like this. While we go back and forth about PS4 this and Xbox One that, Sony is quietly crafting plans to render the console war completely irrelevant."

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ChozenWoan1663d ago

Tried PSNow over to a friends house who was in the beta for PS3. While it's not 100% ideal gaming, it is responsive enough for most games. Thus, PSNow is Sony's "Ace in the Cloud" in a manner of speaking. It will likely feature only last gen games while they push forward with each hardware gen in the foreseeable future. Eventually PSNow will replace all Sony consoles, which wont happen soon thanks to Cable/Internet Monopolies.

PaleMoonDeath1663d ago

I'll be one of the folks using this, looking for an excuse to put my PS3 away for good, taking up space etc.

Even if it's just one game a month, I'd rather get older games digitally than stocking them up, trying to build that PS4 collection and all.