Sega: Sonic Boom is Not Bad If You Aren’t Looking For a Good Game to Play

Claiming that most gamers who play Sonic games are not playing it for the gameplay, Sega says that Sonic Boom will be another classic entry in the franchise known mostly for its music.

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DryBoneKoopa851660d ago

Another satire piece. I think only news should be posted to the site. You know... N4G stands for "News" for gamers. Satire pieces are not news its just fanboy war material.

60FramesPerSecond1660d ago

Sonic games could be better.....Sonic adventure for the dreamcast felt kinda lackluster to me.

filchron1659d ago

idk know what youre on about. sonic adventure was a visual feast for the eyes and the gameplay was fast, awesome and addicting as hell. loved it way better than the genesis sonics. all games after SA 2 were garbage tho. i wish they would just keep the SA 1 engine and add new graphics and levels. that is literally all they would need to keep true sega and sonic fans happy

sonic9891659d ago

Sega could have done far a better job with sonic boom rather than this .
they had a winning formula with colors and generations also they could have added some exploration in the game without affecting the game's pace .
about the designs i didnt like them even though i approached them with open mind .
why not try a CEL-shaded sonic game with graphics on par with cartoons or anime that would be great and sonic already appeared on multiple cartoons so far .
its just a wild idea dont take it seriously am just implying that they could have done a far better job also i am blaming the studio behind not Sega .