Project CARS - New Videos Show Off WIP Volumetric Lighting (God Rays)

YouTube’s member ‘Darren White’ has shared some videos from a new build of Project CARS, showing off the volumetric lighting effects that are currently under development.

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60FramesPerSecond1666d ago

that was the most exciting thing ive ever seen

MajorLazer1666d ago

Wow! Great for you then... 0_o

imXify1666d ago

Your life must be boring..

60FramesPerSecond1666d ago

Well I have wrote almost 300 comments in the last 3 days on n4g, so ya

M1ST4K31666d ago

Please, go out and look at real sun rays... that is MUCH more exciting than that.

On topic: Great looking picture... I'm afraid these rays won't be a thing on console due to performance..

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sadfeet1666d ago

Their environments need work

Rob Hornecker1666d ago

I thought I would see more of this game at E3,but ended up seeing NOTHING! This game has been in the works for over 3 years now and wonder if will make it out in november as stated ,much less ever!

If it does make it out it will have some VERY stiff compittion from Drive club,Forza horizon 2,and the Crew!

M1ST4K31666d ago

What scares me the most is that they are not polishing the game physics that much... people on the forums (the last time I checked) keep saying the physics on some of the cars feel wrong / rushed and they keep saying that those physics are only placeholders, that they will tweak them later...

Well, all I see is new graphics tech (which is not bad! but seeing that they are almost at the dead line) and not much gameplay polishing.

I think car physics can definitely make or break a game, and looking at Shift 1 and 2, made from those guys, where the faster cars were almost unplayable even with a wheel due to the weird mass transfer physics, it worries me. I'm not asking for a simulator, for that I have other games, I ask for simularcade pleasant to play physics :)

TheGreatAndPowerful1666d ago

why does the sun get all pixelated at the end? YT compression? that aside it looks great.

Illusive_Man1666d ago

Looking more and more like Project Cars and DriveClub will have the prettiest cars but Forza Horizons 2 will be the best overall racer: great car models, lots of cars, dynamic weather system, environmental damage, physics and handling, and dynamic lighting.

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