Alien: Isolation Looks Gorgeous, Check Out Three New Screenshots

OnlySP: Alien: Isolation continues to impress with its visual fidelity. The Creative Assembly has been working hard to create an environment that’s true to form in the Alien Universe and so far from what we’ve seen, they’re nailing it.

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joab7771573d ago

Finally an article that isnt about how bad the E3 demo was. They shouldn't hav showed a challenge mode ppl play after the sp. Anyway, I cant wait but I do wish we could see some early sp play.

sk8ofmnd1573d ago

This game gets a meh from me seeing how long its been since a good game in the series has graced our fingertips. Dont get me wrong I want it to be amazing but I was hyped for the last one and we know how that turned out. Hold on let me squeeze ehhhhhhhhh ahhhhh theres my turd flushhh