Super Smash Bros. Wii U Preview - Changes, Frames and Hitboxes | GodisaGeek

James Bowden: "Having had some extensive hands-on time with the recent E3 build, I feel as though there are some important deviations from the Smash norm to chew our way through – and I’m not talking about landing lag (even if that is a big pain in the rear right now).

Let’s talk about Link first, as he’s my main Smash man. Most things about Link are as you’d expect. His special attacks are very much as they were in Brawl; he still grabs with the clawshot, and bombs are still brilliant. He’s also got a new running slash, which is actually a viable KO move, so that’s very nice. However it was upon using his forward Smash attack that I first noticed something hugely different with my pointy eared hero: the cool down frames on both stages of his forward Smash Attack were huge."

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60FramesPerSecond1570d ago

im concerned about the 3ds version, but the wii u version will be amazing, no doubt

Geekman1570d ago

Controls are weird abd the characters are hard to see even on the XL. If you absolutely can't afford a Wii U then this game is a blessing, but the Wii U versions the superior version.

wonderfulmonkeyman1570d ago

The picture on the site was quite awesome.
They've really extended the length of Link's tether recovery!