Biggest Disappointment of the Year | Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Gamer Attitude Review

Thomas Ellis of Gamer Attitude tells you why the new Transformers is such a disappointment.

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Dlacy13g1570d ago

Biggest disappointment or game you knew would be horrible and met expectations?

thomasellis831570d ago

Fair point, as soon as I found out high noon were out of the picture I thought uh oh!

il-JumperMT1570d ago

huh? a movie tie-in game can never be disappointing. It would only be disappointing if its a good game.

Grave1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

I really wish 3-player campaign coop would return. The 1st one was awesome.

60FramesPerSecond1570d ago

its not a movie game though. i believe its the third entry of the fall/war for cybertron series, which were reviewed decently.

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The story is too old to be commented.