Shawn knows who should play Nathan Drake in an Uncharted movie

When there was first an announcement that there would be an Uncharted movie, it is safe to say that most gamers were very excited about it. You have a great story with great characters and the action and adventure elements work great off of each other. In some ways it was seen as a modern day Indiana Jones story. Uncharted has everything already there; even Uncharted 2 was jokingly seen as a movie experience itself in a Sony PlayStation 3 commercial.

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OpieWinston1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

When ever I hear Drake I hear Fillion, and especially after Firefly/Castle it's clear he can fit the role quite well.

Pedro pascal played an amazing Oberyn but I've seen pedros roles/characters and he doesn't convey the voice that would fit Nathan Drake.

He's about as Charismatic and active as Drake but if he doesn't have the voice then it comes off weaker.

Both of them are good choices, I just always thought Nathan Fillion was the best choice.

OpieWinston1663d ago

Nathan Fillion...Whenever I play an Uncharted Game I swear Nolan sounds like Nathan, even the lines are stuff he'd say in Firefly or Castle.

Bradley Cooper would be if they wanted to attract attention from outside the Uncharted fanbase.

Nathan Fillion is a truly down to earth guy and would do the Nathan Drake character justice.

-Foxtrot1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

@OpieWinston just get Nolan himself

Seriously what the hell is wrong, why do people insist we shove Fillion into the film when he's a no name in the film world like Nolan.

Why wouldn't you want the real Nathan Drake.

The only time Fillion is like Nolan is in Firefly...any other role and he looks or actors nothing like him

Why do people insist on second best when we could have the best

3-4-51663d ago

@Fox - Fillion is on Tv with that show castle so people will recognize him more than North.

What are you drinking ?

pixelsword1663d ago

I should play him.

I look and sound nothing like him, but I bought all three games, so I think I can pull it off.

*starts to grow hair on head*

BitbyDeath1663d ago

Bradley Cooper should play Harry Flynn, he looks and acts just like him.

crxss1663d ago

i could see chris evans playing nathan drake. he's funny, likable, and most importantly: fit. the reason i can't see fillion playing drake anymore is cause... well cause of his age and weight.

zeee1663d ago

Nathan Fillion FTW!!!

jsslifelike1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

No way, you're all wrong! (except for morganfell, that is)

The ONLY man for the job -if this would've happened years ago as it was supposed to- was Joe Flanigan. His character in Stargate Atlantis WAS 150% NATHAN DRAKE.

UltraNova1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Whats up with all the love for Opie from SOA man?

OT: I want Batflec to play Nathan Drake and the next Wolverine since Hugh is rumored to step down.

Ben can play Solid Snake in the MGS movie for all I care, I mean some think he has the chops to play batman then why the hell not?

Edit: Ok I was being sarcastic..easy tigers!

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isa_scout1663d ago

I agree, I want Captain Hammer to be Drake. He's got the voice,looks,and witty charms that make him a perfect match to be Drake. If anyone doesn't know who Captain Hammer is I suggest you watch Dr Horribles SingaLong Blog....ASAP

-Foxtrot1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

Nathan Drake for me just can't be replaced, neither can Elena or's weird because for something like the Last of Us I could easily imagine other people playing their parts but for Uncharted the mo cap actors are the ones who bring these characters to life and make them so memorable.

Look this is Sony who will be doing the Uncharted film, if it ever happens, so why don't they just let Nolan, Emily and Richard play their parts. It's a gamble, I know, someone like Nolan as the main lead is totally unknown but most big actors today were unknowns at one time. All they need to do is get the villains like Roman and Eddie Raja played by big stars so they can market the crap out of the film with those characters. Take 28 Weeks Later for example <SPOILER> Robert Carlyle was featured in most of the promo stuff for that film yet he dies in the first 20 minutes another more recent example is Bryan Cranston in Godzilla, he dies in the first 15 - 20 minutes yet his face is all over marketing because of how popular he's become with Breaking Bad. This is what they need to do with Uncharted.

I know some of you are probably thinking "Oh but Nolan is too old" or "Nolan is out of shape" etc but you have to remember this is Hollywood. If Nolan found out he could play Drake in a film he would do everything in his power to work out for the role because it would mean a lot to him...add some Hollywood make up and he'll be good to go. I couldn't care less about how old he looks I just want a good Uncharted film.

It pains me when I see people want Nathan Fillion yet in the film world he's an unknown just like Nolan North, yeah he's more known then Nolan but he's still in the same category of actors who wouldn't bring in the money. If that's the case and you have the choice between the two actors I'd rather go for Nathan Drake HIMSELF rather then a look a's an obvious choice.

Magnes1663d ago

Sorry Fox you make a good case but at the end of the day to take on a roll this big you need acting chops not mocap work. Nolan just does not have the experience required for a big budget film not gunna happen, no way no how.

-Foxtrot1663d ago

Acting chops...are you bloody kidding

Mo cap IS acting.

Who better to play the part then the person who ACTS out the character.

Magnes1662d ago

Unfortunately I'm not kidding mocap is not the same thing I get why you want it and I want a million dollars. We are both going to be disappointed. .

GarrusVakarian1663d ago

Lmfao. Thank the lord you aren't in charge of casting.

mcarsehat1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

How is Shia Leboeuf a bad casting choice? He meets all the right criteria. He has star power, he has the attitude, he can act and he's athletic.

You DO realise he does all of the weird stuff outside of the film in order to advertise his projects don't you?

He played Indiana Jones' son for Christ's sake.

GarrusVakarian1663d ago


Seriously can't tell if serious or not.....

mcarsehat1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

I'm being serious, i don't judge an actor of how they behave OUTSIDE the film. Even if every actor seems to break down just before their film comes out.

He is a great choice, he said no to blockbusters but him starring in David Ayer's Fury seems to differ. he could do it and he would nail it, he is a great actor.

GarrusVakarian1663d ago


I'm not judging him by how he acts outside of being an actor, that's retarded, I'm judging from his past work. I think he would be an absolutely terrible Nathan Drake.

He's an okay actor, though. But i just don't see how he fits with the role.

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MysticStrummer1663d ago

Gilbert Gottfried is the clear choice.

modesign1663d ago

im giving you a bubble for comic relief

Spotie1663d ago

Don't encourage him.

Seriously, though, can't think of anybody more perfect for the role that Fillion. He should just pull a Drake in an episode of Castle, just for the hell of it.

quaneylfc1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

I agree with mcarshat, it just sounds like he's stating a REALISTIC choice for Drake. The people that have disagreed just seem to be concerned about THEIR OWN Nathan Drake.

Hollywood isn't going for someone that people think SHOULD get the part, they go for money, the whole Film making business is about one thing... THE MONEYS.

It will be someone well known with an attitude similar to the character, in Hollywood, the look isn't even important unless it's a Biopic (Johnny Storm.)

If you want Nathan Fillion, too bad. He's only now worth a Cameo appearance in Guardians of The Galaxy (As a psychic dog!!)


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listenkids1664d ago

Pedro is alright, and currently popular for obvious reasons. But, he isn't Drake.

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