Will Playstation TV Spell Trouble For Microsoft and a Boost For Sony

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece that asks if the pending Playstation TV and its ability to stream PS 4 content to another room in a house will be a boost for the system and possible trouble for Microsoft.

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NextLevel1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

The PS4 already did that.

Playstation TV could be a hit or a miss, if advertised right it could do well.

Garethvk1569d ago

For me it is all about being able to remote play the games. If I can be upstairs and my wife downstairs with the system and we can both play in the game or better yet, both play two different games at the same time then this is a huge plus. I really do not care about the movie streaming as there are other options for that.

randomass1711569d ago

Should Sony eliminate the latency issue with game streaming, this could spell out quite the innovation for Playstation. For $100 getting a game streamer for another part of the house is not a bad deal at all, and it's even Vita compatible.

The_Hero1568d ago

The cheap price and the fact that USA customers prefers playing on a big screen TV; this Will give the boost the PS Vita needs in order to grow.

I hate those "Oh but competition is in trouble because of this product" BS, if gamers are gamers then they'll buy the console.

Stop having the useless fanboy console wars and fight against BS.

BattleAxe1568d ago

Game streaming from a PS4 to PS:TV is great, but AAA Vita games from Sony are not in the cards anymore as Sony has already mentioned. The expensive streaming service PS NOW, won't help this device either.

PS:TV as it stands right now is just another companion device for the PS4, which in my opinion means that it won't sell all that much better than the PS Vita.

ABizzel11568d ago

I don't see how PS TV can do anything to MS.

Now if there was a PS4 + PS TV bundle, then it could be even worse for the XBO, since it's essentially 2 PS4's in the house for the price of an XBO w. Kinect.

Otherwise as a standalone product, absolutely not. I see PS TV more as a Vita reviver than a real standalone console. It's like what the 2DS has done for the 3DS, provides an entry level price for a dedicated gaming experience.

I don't see it taking off in masses, but I do see it picking up numbers in the NA and EU allowing Vita to reach a better average of back up to the 50k - 60k range, up from it's current 30k - 40k weekly average as a standalone device, and a PS4 bundle could help get those numbers even higher.

DashArrivals1568d ago

@ Randomass, the lag is almost non-existent to even worry about at all. I have crap internet, and I play my PS4 through my PS Vita remotely most nights when I go to bed, and I play fast reaction games like Resogun and Assassins Creed 4 fighting etc and I've NEVER had a single problem over my wireless connection.

This device IS a vita with no screen. You use any TV you want for the screen. It uses both PS3 and PS4 controllers and supports 2 of them at a time. Plus all the other crap like Netflix and will be PS Now compatible. I already have a Vita so I prob won't purchase it, but it's such a good deal and this is such a unique piece of tech.

PSVita1568d ago

You can only play one game if your streaming from your PS4

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imt5581569d ago

I will buy it, sooner or later.

lelo2play1568d ago

There are so many devices to connect to your TV. Playstation TV is just another one. I don't think it will be that popular (might be wrong).

kingdom181568d ago

If they can deliver with the apps and have most Vita games support DS3 imo, this could be a heavy hit against streaming boxes and other Micro Consoles.

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60FramesPerSecond1569d ago

PSTV is cool, but why would it be that popular? The ability to play Vita games is the selling point, not streaming gameplay from remote play. By the way, is it games availiable on ps vita store also available? like psp games?

Garethvk1569d ago

This is what they say about that.

Hundreds of titles to download and play, including many PlayStation Vita games, classic games from PSone® and PSP® systems, and more.

60FramesPerSecond1569d ago

And it doesnt stream any of it through PSNow?

DashArrivals1568d ago

@ 60FPS, no it doesn't stream any of it through PS Now. That is a different service that will add full PS3 games to the mix, and another way to play a host of other games as well. You can also just buy games the normal way, vita games, ps2 and ps1 classics

PSVita1568d ago

It will have PSNow later. Same with Sony TVs and other select products

Godmars2901569d ago

Its a general, cheap, media device which allows access to almost every Playstation title. More so if you own a PS4.

Its biggest issues will be whether or not Netflix and Hulu are playable on it, as well as Vita titles that need the touch pad.

GTgamer1568d ago

Netflix and other apps can be Used on the PSTV :)

kingPoS1568d ago

I wouldn't go so far as to say every title. It's more likely most titles, that is, a a good chunk of the Vita compatible games on PSN will work on the PSTV.

Gateway MT6706 2008

randomass1711569d ago

Keep in mind that Playstation TV was branded as Vita TV in Japan. It runs off of the same hardware, so that's why it can play most of the games in the Vita library. But it's for television so you can do a little more with it, such as stream your PS4 games.

porkChop1568d ago

You can buy, download, and play Vita, PSP, and PSone games. You can also stream PS4 games through Remote Play, and PS3 games through the internet with PS Now. So for only $99 you're getting some serious gaming potential with an utterly HUGE catalog of titles. If they can add PS2 Classics support to Vita and PSTV that would make it a complete PlayStation ecosystem in one box.

Evoluti0n1568d ago

^^^^^^^^This is a coherent and on-point statement.

hkgamer1568d ago

the ability to play vita games isnt really its selling point due to low vita sales and confusion between what vita game is compatible and what isnt.

i presume killzone, tearaway and uncharted will not work.

streaming gameplay from another console or psnow is a bonus for current playstation owners.

however, the vita store has a massive selection of psp and psone games. psone games are at a pretty decent price and im sure that games under £5 would be a success.

anyone know if two players is available on pstv?

60FramesPerSecond1568d ago

The Vita game feature seems boring to me, as most games i want require the touch pad. If PS2 support is ever added, then i will buy one, but i already have a psone and all the games i would ever want on it

DashArrivals1568d ago

Yes 2 players at a time can play, meaning 2 controllers can be connected to the Vita at one time.
I think it will sell well BECAUSE there are low Vita sales, and because of what this cheap box can do all in one. I have a vita for only 6 months, and it's because of all the great games that are there that i never didn't get to play, so I caved in a bought one.
There are literally millions of people in the same predicament that want to play games like Persona 4 Golden, and all the free PS Plus games they have. NOW they can play them on a 99 dollar box that also streams their PS4.
This little box will sell like crazy if they advertise it right

hkgamer1568d ago

these tv set top boxes are a risk and its not really clear who its targeted for. however, ps4 gamers may wish to put this into their room so they can stream their ps4 from the living room somewhere else.

or it could be used if someone decided to visit relatives for a week or so and could just bring the pstv over instead.

non playstation owners may want to try a psone game or 2. they can also but ps+ and get two random games free a month.

there are people like me who still hasnt invested in a appletv etc.. though i do have sky so thats probably why.

however at its current stage, it is going to have trouble compared to fire or appletv.

this decive not for everyone, but for some people it maybe the perfect device.

kingdom181568d ago

Its like a Vita that connects to your TV screen that can be controlled through a DS3, and it has the benefit of having an Ethernet port (allowing it to more easily remote play and stream PS Now games) You can play PSP/PS1 games that are downloadable from the PSN store on it, and Vita games that support DS3 (hopefully they will get as much games as possible to) and it can stream apps and what not to your TV. I thinking the biggest point of it is being able to remote play from a PS4, second it being a Microconsole.

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Rimeskeem1568d ago

Face it.

It can be the biggest thing Sony has ever created.

Dudebro901567d ago

IF you live on planet Mars.

hkgamer1568d ago

ps tv can be massive.

heres a few things it needs.

1. revamped gui

2. remote comtrol

3. needs more tv apps? uk is lacking, not sure what us has.

4. package that with ps4.

kingdom181568d ago

It has :

Gaiam TV
Redbox Instand
Hulu Plus
NHL Gamecenter
Qello HD Concerts
NBA Game Time

(I wish I had more bubbles)

danny8181568d ago

I have a feeling this will fail bad as well as ps now if its not priced right

rarity1568d ago

The PSTV already has a price.

danny8181568d ago

yes $99
I still think it wont make it so far. I can see it going place in 3rd world countries tho.

hkgamer1568d ago

ps now is priced alright. not great but priced accordingly to the psn store prices.

actually psnow is priced great compared to gamestop. everyone was eecting ebay prices which wa never going to happen.

TheFutureIsBlue1568d ago

It won't fail for me. I'll buy one since my PS3 died and plus I will be able to play Vita games on this too =D