Vita is much better off as a PS4 peripheral, and Sony knows it

"If you’ll excuse my starting this article with a desperately ‘specific’ cultural reference, I currently find it impossible to separate Sony’s PlayStation Vita strategy from Mike Nichols’ 1988 romantic comedy-drama, Working Girl. The plot of said genre-classic follows Melanie Griffith’s lowly Staten Island secretary on her journey through the back-stabbing, cutthroat world of corporate America, and on to her ultimate triumph over--and implied redemption of--that cold, merciless infrastructure by being a bit cleverer about her own back-stabbing, cutthroat, non-mercy. But doing so while also remaining nice."

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NextLevel1569d ago

I agree. But, I think it can be both. It just needs more support in the form of original games, which is hard because Nintendo has such a strangle hold on the market and I'd imagine the 3DS is much cheaper to develop for. Sony should bundle it with PS4 for $499, Imo.

bouzebbal1568d ago

Does anyone know if Vita can do remote play of Netflix from another country?

iamnsuperman1568d ago

It can't do remote play for UK Netflix.

Mikey322301568d ago

You cant remote play netflix whatsoever.. in any country.

Its blocked, by netflix and sony for infringement purposes

XisThatKid1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

?, Vita has a Netflix app why would you want to? (Real question, not facetious someone please answer.)

Bottom line, If Sony wants Vita to sell RIGHT NOW 3 things need to happen...
Good games are a given but believe it or not some people would be happy just with PSOne, PSP, PSMobile, Remote Play Playback, and a few Vita exclusives. Hell Power Stone Collection was one of the first games I bought on Vita.

1) Price Drop: 2+ years and a slim is out plus your more popular competition is cheaper your going to lose that fight every time. Doesn't have to be big drop though.
2) Memory chip price drop: always were too expensive for everyone that's not a core gamer or Vita fan. (Should have stuck to Pro Duos imo.)
3) Advertising Most people don't even now the Vita exists or thing its just a PSP. People don't know this thing has replaced my phone for almost 2 years now, all in all it's not the most convenient thing but it works and it's cheaper than my phone bill. So many people don't know about this device and what it's capable of.

bouzebbal1568d ago

I am aware of Vita Netflix app.
the reason is that i travel to countries where netflix isn't available so leaving my PS4 home and streaming Netflix from another country could give me access to Netflix abroad.

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xtheblackparade1568d ago

You have the 2nd screen plan? Standard Netflix hasn't got 2nd screen nor has it HD. Pay 1 €1 more a month and you have second screen + HD.

3-4-51568d ago

Listen.....I didn't buy a $200 controller with a screen ok.

I want original games.

Just literally do what the psp did. COPY Nintendo even, but just do something.

I still think we are getting some great games in 2015, but Every Day I tell my self I should get a new Vita game.

Then I look at that list and "ehhhhhh"....

So many games that just don't appeal to me.

I like RPG's, but not anime Boob RPG's with entire female casts with annoying sqeaky voices.

^ Atelier games = The art style is cool, but I don't want to play as a 13 year old girl.

I'm a 29 year old guy, I personally just can't get into that.

* How many traditional Turn Based RPG's are there?
FFX/2 from 14 years ago ?

* Y's looks good, but ONLY one of those games.

* 4 Monster Hunter type games, but if your not into spamming the A button for 20 minutes to kill a monster, there goes those 3-4 games. ( Ragnarok, Soul Sacrifice, Toukiden)


Demon Gaze = O sweet Art style, o wait...another 1st person RPG.

What happened to 3rd person!? We like that.

* Persona = Story is kind of ok, but the battles with all the weird clashing colors and patterns was a huge turn off. It just didn't mesh with me, but I'm sure it's a good game, but it's really NICHE!

* Valhalla Knights = Awful ugly game. boring.

* Mind Zero = GUESS WHAT!!! Another 1st person boring RPG. LAZY

* Sorcery Saga = WTF is this crap.

* Sumoni Demon Arts - O really? More DEMONS in a Sony game ? NEVER!

* Freedom Wars, Tales of Hearts R BOTH look really good or at least less niche enough to be enjoyable to a large amount of people.

Most of the Vita RPG's appeal to like 50,000 people, and then another 50,000 people buy it because that is " all there is available " so they make do with lesser games.

vickers5001568d ago

Gotta agree. The only "non-port" games that look appealing to me are Killzone Mercenary, Tearaway and Gravity Rush. I played about 30 hours of Persona 4 Golden when I still had my vita (sold it) and the story was really good, but the gameplay didn't really grab me, and the music that was unchangeable and unable to turn off didn't help either. After listening to those town songs for the billionth time, they really wear on you.

TongkatAli1568d ago

You make me feel bad for wanting Atelier Rorona, that game got awesome reviews. I ain't scared to play that game in public : p I'm mad secure f negative people and their judgments.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

no it not. Vita owners like this author is part of Vita problem. Refusing to accept the Vita needing it own identity.

DualWielding1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

This article is so completely wrong for starters the Vita is priced as a console and was sold to people as one.... if they wanted to sell it as PS4 terminal who can also play indies but not much more then it needed to be about $100 cheaper.....

Sad think is Sony seems to hold the same views as the author of this article

joeorc1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

And that is exactly what Sony has done with playstation tv. It is $99.00 cheaper, and since it has ps4 controller support also that means for those developers that cannot make a ps4 game because costs are high for the team.

They can make one for playstation Tv.
Reduction for the psvita price point by $100.00 would have been more loss on the unit which Sony is not going to do.

They took a very smart view and decided to make the playstation tv the primary "vita" platform because the majority of gamers stated why play a living room experience on a hand held when I just wanted to play that on a big screen over a 5" screen anyway.

Sony is doing that because the idea for psvita playing living room console quality games on the go just does not work in the market not only in costs for developments.

But also the majority of the gamers stated what they want. And that is a micro-Console.

They want those AAA experiences still with a bigger screen just with a lower entry price point.

Sony listened. Cirrent Vita owners such as ourselves may be upset, but the majority want AAA but do not want to play those on such a small screen.

Thats why playstation Tv is there now they can, as a bonus the PSVita owners still get the game. Bad news is back touch panel or camera support in games will be less supported. But we will still get games now.

DualWielding1568d ago

I think you are overanalyzing the PS TV strategy... I think they may just be trying to get rid of some of the inventory they were not able to sell in Japan

joeorc1568d ago

Thats not the case at all, they were waiting to release here for two reasons, A) The PS4 and they needed to put more marketing money to the PS4, so waiting to do so on the PS4 launch was past before release in North America an europe was already in the books the launch unit in japan was white, the north America launch an Europe is black, in other regions they have more colors for this unit, so no its not trying to unload unwanted units.

B) The Dual Shock 4 support was just realeased at the end of may 2014 for the unit, which is why they waited.
Go ahead look at the official playstation japan page, its there

This unit as playstation vita tv aready had English as the default so it was going to be released.

In North America and Europe not just Asia and japan hell it was already released in Hong Kong, not just in japan only, so again it was not just trying to unloaded unwanted units.

KinjoTakemura1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

The Vita has it's own market and it's own set of games that aren't available on the PS3 or PS4. To deny the fact that the PS Vita is both a peripheral used for remote play and a stand-alone unit is just silly.

Blank1568d ago

THANK YOU! Well said bubble! But its true sure that market vita appeals to, isnt exactly for the western market I mean sure there are people in the western side that love these games but Its not making the western market flock over to the vita. I love the japanese games this puppy is coming out with like the atelier series remade, ys memeories of celeceta, and my main love Persona 4 Golden!

kurenaishinigami1568d ago

If Sony supported it more then it would not end up the way it did, at least Japan is now accepting Vita.

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