Forza Motorsport 5 Hot Wheels DLC Pack available now on Xbox One

The latest Forza 5 DLC pack is available right now and will bring you ten new cars that are really something special.

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Axios21573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

Love how Turn10 continues to support their products.

Looking forward to the Forza 5 GOTY Edition in all it's 1080p 60fps glory

Edit @ Jdoki, I'm very happy that Turn10 didn't do what Polyphony Digital did and copy past cars from 2 generations ago with generic interiors. Turn10 had the most NEXT gens cars. As the haters have recently found out from the DriveClub creators, it takes months to develop a next gen car, ergo the reason Drive Club has just 25% of what Forza 5 had at launch.

Jdoki1573d ago

I'd prefer if the price was a bit lower per pack.

As I only recently bought Forza 5 I like that it gets support, but don't like that it's easy to spend more on DLC than the original game costs.

The cynical side of me finds it annoying that Forza 5 launched with less content than previous versions - so a lot of what we're being offered as DLC is only bringing the game up to parity with older releases.

Whilst I am really enjoying the game, I am disappointed that there's no support for Logitech wheels (only partially Turn 10 / MS' fault as Logitech are not supporting consoles any more). And also those hugely annoying, un-skippable, voice overs from Top Gear presenters drives me mad!! :)

Boody-Bandit1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

No support for Logitech wheels isn't no where near the slap in the face of MS and Turn 10 not supporting the Fanatec CSR Elite Wheel. The official Forza 4 wheel from the 360. That wheel cost upwards of 1k when you include the pedals and shifter. Which I have.

So I ended up passing on Forza 5 until recently because I was able to pick it up for under $30 dollars. I tried to play it with a controller but it worked my last nerve so I broke down and purchase a Thrustmaster TX 458. This wheel is not only no where near as good as my CSR Elite wheel, it's not even as good as my Thrustmaster T500 wheel. But desperate times cause for desperate measures.

I'm still holding out hope MS and Fanatec will eventually strike a deal and either allow for compatibility with existing wheels or Fanatec will make a new X1 compatible wheel.

On topic:
As far as DLC. I never again purchase DLC for Forza. I purchased the season pass with 4 and nearly half the DLC released wasn't covered under the SP. I will simply ride with the content included in game as I do most games I purchase.

Jdoki1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Wow, that's harsh!! I was annoyed cus my Logitech G27 isn't supported - but that's cheap in comparison to the CSR Elite.

From what I have read, it seems that MS have gone down a different route with their haptic / feedback implementation - so there's two implications..

1. No older wheels will be supported

2. XB1 wheels will not be cross-compatible with PS4 / PC.

This really bugs me as I was hoping to just buy one wheel for PC, PS4 and XB1. Now I have a G27 that is pretty much only good for PC (and a Wheel Stand Pro that only fits this model wheel) - and there's no way I'm buying two more wheels for my consoles.

Both the old Logitech and Fanatec wheels licensed the feedback SDK from Immersion - (called TouchSense). In theory Sony could work with Fanatec / Immersion to create an SDK that will work on PS4... But because MS have gone for a much more sophisticated implementation there's no way they will support older wheels / SDK's.

More XB1 info on wheels here...

VealParmHero1573d ago

great racer. And sims are not necessarily my biggest genre. But forza 5 delivered. I know it got flak for the downgrade and relatively low track count, but overall for a launch title...amazing. I think ill get this pack

60FramesPerSecond1573d ago

I hate Forza DLC. Something about buying cars in the game has always made me mad. Ive bought a couple cars in Forza 4 and Horizon, but they are just so expensive and not worth it at all.


I agree, I appreciate the free cars they give out, but I would only probably buy this Car pack vs the others lol

gamerfan09091573d ago

Forza, in my opinion, is the best racing sim on the market and has been the best handling sim for the last decade. It's a shame that although they sell pretty good, that they don't move GT or NFS units. I love Polyphony and Criterion but they're not delivering on the same level with their last couple of games.

Jdoki1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

I love the racing genre but all the current racing series have their flaws to me...

The last Gran Turismo I played was 5, and I think Polyphony forgot to put the 'game' in! I was rather disappointed and I've skipped #6 as I've moved to PS4.

I'm glad Criterion are taking a break from Need for Speed and Burnout as each new NFS was becoming just a minor iteration of the last, and all I really wanted was something like Burnout 3 or Paradise.

The last Grid game didn't hold my attention as well as I'd hoped.

Forza is a great series that has a nice balance of arcade and sim depending on the assists, but the reduction in content for #5 takes a bit of the shine off it. And all this Drivatar stuff seems like BS - I still see some poor AI to artificially manipulate the places, but it's miles better than GT's follow the leader AI.

Boody-Bandit1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )


Best console racing sim? That can be argued / debated.
Best racing sim overall? No.

I'm a console gamer first and foremost. I have a PC gaming rig but it gets maybe 5% of my gaming attention. With that said.

There are so many great sim racing games on the PC. iRacing and rFactor simply blow away console sim racing games when it comes to realism. With iRacing you literally have to earn the right to play iRacing online. Earn it through extensive practice. It's that realistic.

I myself am more about the fun than realism. That's why I choose console racers to PC. That and the plug and playability of consoles. But another advantage PC racing has over consoles is FFB. Force feedback is so much stronger and the wheels and pedals are more accurate in PC gaming. But I don't need to feel like my arms are being torn off to have a great time play console racers on my wheels.

Skate-AK1573d ago

That Lambo looks crazy.

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