Why the 'summer gaming drought' is a lie

VideoGamer: "Drought? You've never had it better."

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60FramesPerSecond1568d ago

Personally i have a huge list of games i want to play for the first time. uncharted trillogy, borderlands 2, bioshock 1&2, fallout 3&new vegas, dark souls, and maybe infamous 2

showtimefolks1567d ago


damn that's a lot of games. (BTW played every single one of those titles and you will have an amazing time)

On Topic:

i don't know when publishers will learn that you can release games during summer and make money. GTA4,TLOU,MGS4 all came out during summer months yet sold quite well

its the perfect time to release a game because zero competition. Come october 2014 when we have like 20 plus games in one month, off course some games will be passed on than these same publishers will cry about not selling enough copies

right now in gaming we have a Q1 through first month of Q2 games

than we have Fall time game releases. In between there is a 4-6 months window to release games and make money

The last of us releasing late july will get added sales because there isn't much coming till destiny.

mopground1567d ago

i know right i mean kids are off school! sell sell sell

kreate1567d ago

I dont understand how u still havnt played uncharted, bioshock, and fallout.

memots1568d ago

No !!

The cake is the lie !!

imXify1568d ago

True. I was born in July so I can't get any cake at school.


MrSwankSinatra1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Summer is the usual period when i finish off my backlog.

admiralvic1568d ago

How can you call the "summer gaming drought" a "lie," when you outright admit that very few new things release?

Anyway, I hate articles like this because they're way too preachy and basically say that you can perceive things however you want, provided they follow what I believe to be true. I mean, just because I can play an unknown number of games, doesn't mean I want to play said unknown number of games.

Spotie1567d ago

Reality is what you make of it, even when doing so pulls you far away from reality.

S2Killinit1567d ago

there is no drought, the games are picking up quickly.

S2Killinit1567d ago

not really anymore. They are coming out faster than you can play them. But I guess everybody is different.

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