Battlefield 4's Final Stand DLC may have been delayed

Battlefield 4's fifth and final expansion pack 'Final Stand' may not make its summer release, judging by an update on the game's official website, which has pinned an ambiguous 'TBD' on the DLC.

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Razputin1664d ago

What a big f ing surprise.

cfc831664d ago

Not so sure is was supposed to anyway. Either way, they will bring the last dlc just before destiny drops. Picture someone firing a pea shooter at a fighter jet.

TheUberAsian1664d ago

Who's the guy in the thumbnail, is that the main character in BF4?

ScottyHoss1664d ago

I think he's the character you play in campaign, but you never know for certain as you can't see his face in the reflection of anything

smokelocc1664d ago

We dont even have dragons teeth yet!

Geekman1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

They spend months working on DLC instead of fixing the original games bugs, and then have the nerve to delay it.

Nafon1664d ago

DICE has had a separate team working on DLC since at least BF3. It's not the DLC team's fault that their coworkers on the other side of the imaginary wall can't fix the bugs in the main game. People complain that they released the game too early, yet when they delay DLC (that shouldn't come out till fall anyways) to fix bugs, they complain that it's delayed... people will never be happy.

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