The DualShock 4 Can Now Be Used Wirelessly On PS3

The PS4′s controller has been compatible with the PS3 since launch, though only if it was connected through a USB wire. However it now appears one of the recent updates allows for you to connect the controller and use it wirelessly

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60FramesPerSecond1573d ago ShowReplies(5)
brotherlymoses1573d ago

Can I use my X1 controller on 360 and ps4? Please.. :(

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1573d ago

The DS4 is much better than the Xbone controller, but that's just my opinion. I hate the texture of my Xbone controller. The DS4 has a much solid feel.

PeaSFor1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

i prefer the xbone sticks but prefer the overall shape/buttons/stick layout of the DS4.

i just find the xbox controller too bulky.

brotherlymoses1573d ago

Sorry, that's your opinion. The DS4 is miles ahead of the DS3, but I still prefer the xbox controller. I prefer the offset sticks, rumble triggers and overall feel of the X1 controller.

adonis1831573d ago

The PS4 controller is better. The xbone controller feels weird in my hands

zeuanimals1573d ago

Look at all of these people, arguing about preferences...

If you like the Xbox One controller's stick layout more, it's probably because it's what you're used to. Same with the PS4's stick layout. It has nothing to do with one being better than the other.

Personally, I think you're all weird. Is it really that hard to adapt to different controllers? I mean, we used to be playing with NES controllers man, and those things gave you blisters. Nobody really complained.

InTheLab1573d ago

The only thing I dislike about the Xbone controller is the spacing of the bumpers and the clicky d pad. Granted the d pad works this time, but they still haven't gotten it up to standard.

TheGreatAndPowerful1573d ago

Is this still an issue on the Xb1?

Xbox one Dead Zones COD:G

Xbox One Controller Deadzone Check - [BF4]

FayZ_1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

coming from someone who isn't an n4g sony fangirl, i have both & got to say they are both pretty much the same expect xbones analogues are more loose giving you more precision if you're someone like me who plays max sensitivity then xbones the better choice, on top of that the grip of the xbones analogues are better, as well as the triggers... also battery life is superior i can go without charge for a few days where as ps4 needs charging everyday.

but hey chill bunduru lovers they are both pretty much the same. i'd say the ps4 controller is very similar to the xbox 360's, which is a good thing.

UltraNova1572d ago

I'm I the only one who prefers the parallel layout of the ds4's sticks over xb1's offset layout? hmm

The triggers are better on the xb1's controller imo.

With that said its time to boot my ps3 again and play some Bioshock infinite with a DS4 this time!

Any compatibility issues? you guys know of?

RumbleFish1572d ago

I still prefer the DS3. And I play many PC games with it, but it's a good decision to make the DS4 compatible with the PS3. This is the way to go: consumerfriendly decisions.

A windows driver would be nice for both SONY controllers though. They could sell tons of them, because about half of the gaming community loves those controllers.

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PeaSFor1573d ago

google: CronusMax

you're welcome.

KingSingh921573d ago

Cronusmax dont actually have full support for the playstation 4 yet so you cant use your xbox one controller with it but you can use your dualshock 4 on the xbox one

FITgamer1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

Don't see why you'd want to use your X1 controller on 360. IMO with the exception of the bulging battery pack and d-pad the 360 controller is more comfortable better feeling controller.

brotherlymoses1573d ago

I used to love the 360 controller, but after using the X1 controller I can't go back.

FITgamer1573d ago

I haven't had extensive use with X1 controller, played a few races on F5. The plastic is feels flimsy like i could easily snap the controller in half, the bumper buttons are awkward, the controller feels smaller, also the sticks feel too small. Like is said though i haven't had i extensive use, so maybe it would just take time to get use to.

Clown_Syndr0me1573d ago

Hell no the 360 sticks feel aweful after playing alot of xbox one.
However the Day One controllers feel alot flimsier than the later ones. I got one a few weeks back that feels tonnes better.

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CoTton_MoUtH1572d ago

Now that we have that option why the hell I can't use my injustice fight stick on my PS4 they look so good together

PsyMonk3y1572d ago

Yes you can use your xbox or any controller on any system just search CronosMax/Titan One. ;)

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sk8ofmnd1573d ago

Now if they would make the ds3 compatible with my ps4.

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Dark_Overlord1573d ago

It is, but only on certain games :) Games which require the touchpad definitely don't work.

Tetsujin1573d ago

I've noticed fighters work better with the DS3 controller, and I also have an arcade stick I'd like to work on the PS4 so I can play some fighters easily (when more start getting released).

ScamperCamper1573d ago

I'll give you credit from one perspective. I bet that PS3 controller lasted and will last a heck of a lot longer than the PS4 controller. Touchpad? We need it apparently but as they say, where's the beef? http://www.ps4accessories.c...

clouds51572d ago

Nooo that would mean you don't have to buy a bunch of new controllers and less sales for Sony.
Only nintendo is cool enough (has enough cash) to do that.

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Jaelin1573d ago

Still not compatible with gta 5 :(