Why The Desires Of Gamers Are Driving Xbox One's New Direction

This time last year, Microsoft's gaming arm looked to be weakening. That's when it turned to the fans--and flipped a switch on change.

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NextLevel1571d ago

It's because they are getting outsold everywhere. That's why the changed everything. The new Microsoft is a better Microsoft, but don't confuse yourselves to why it happened.

JBSleek1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

So you think other companies do things out of the kindness of their hearts and not the shareholders?

Lol. While true it's the same as any other company. No one does anything for the consumer.

rarity1570d ago

Where did he say they did?

Utalkin2me1570d ago

While all companies are in business to make money. Some companies are more consumer friendly and have a better track record of being such.

KinjoTakemura1570d ago

They actually do offer incentives to consumers in order to get you to spend your money. Lower prices, bundles, free games, and rebates are all incentives to get you to spend more of your money on their products. Anyone who has deluded themselves into thinking that these companies are your friends needs a wake up call. What can be said is that one company is more gamer oriented than the other because in reality, pandering to some of the demands of gamers is great advertising and free PR. Microsoft is beginning to understand that you can't bully people into spending money, but you can coax them, cajole them, nudge them, and tip the scales in your favor all with some incentives and good PR. But in the end, we all must understand that goal of all of these incentives and PR campaigns is to get gamers to spend money on their products and services, nothing more.

harrisk9541570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )


Want an example? When Steve Jobs was alive, he ran Apple based upon HIS vision. He believed that his vision dictated what the consumer wanted, even if the consumer was unaware of it. He was uncompromising in his vision, no matter what the rest of the Apple Board believed or what the shareholders wanted. That is changing now since his death.

Jeff Bezos runs Amazon similarly. He has a vision and will lost money or sacrifice profit, to the detriment and chagrin of shareholders at times.

MS has always appeared have no set vision. They change with the tide. They tried to be "Jobs-like" when they introduced the XB1 -- new features that would "take over" the living room... But changed it after they lost some market share to Sony. Even though, by the numbers, the XB1 was selling well.

So, because of short term bad press and sales, MS made the XB1 more like the PS4. MS compromised its vision, just like they did with other products, such as their original tablets, like they did with the Zune, the Kin, etc., etc., etc. MS does not innovate. Rather, MS tries to copy successful products and does not do it very well. This is why MS's stock has been flat for so many years. They are still, by pedigree, a PC OS developer. Their bread and butter is still Windows, even though they did screw up with Windows 8, a bit.

MS had a HUGE hit with the 360 and then it screwed up a bit on the launch of the XB1. But, over time, the XB1's features might have proved themselves worthy of consumer's trust. Instead, MS made a giant pivot and changed almost everything that made the XB1 unique, or at least different from the PS4. Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Jeff Bezos... hell, BILL GATES ... would not have made the wholesale changes and compromises on their visions that the current leadership at MS did on the XB1... At least not so quickly. That is why I think that MS is having such a tough time righting the ship in many gamer's minds -- even with what many call "positive" changes. Perhaps the new leadership will be better than MS was under Balmer. We shall see.

Spotie1570d ago

Other companies aren't as hostile to their consumers as Microsoft. And IF they are, it's just as bad.

Microsoft not being the only company that's an ass to their consumers doesn't make it okay.

And not every company does things the same way. Yes, they are all after your money, but don't go confusing that for them all doing the same thing. Of course, you know this; you're just trying to offset some of the blame so Microsoft doesn't look as bad.

Stop defending them when they do stupid stuff.

MysticStrummer1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Auto defense activated.

OT - Because $$$$ < $$$$$$$$

4Sh0w1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

I don't care why, they are doing a great job listening to the fans and that's all I want. Also micro has been listening to fans and making huge changes to their strategy before either console had sold 1 unit, so the first comment above doesnt make sense in that context.

I do think they should be careful not to listen to all the complaints because you can't please everybody and some complaints while true for some individuals don't improve the overall brand or what's best for the platform/games going forward.

Foxhound9221569d ago


Haha you always crack me up. Ever hear the word "preorder" and "press"?

It wasn't sales at first, but preorders were in Sony's favor at a ratio of 5 to 1, maybe even higher. If you really think MS has or is changing, solely based on what gamers want, then you are just as delusional as truefan. If they were were truly listening to their fans, they would have changed when there was a massive internet backlash, even from diehard Xbox fans. They told everyone to "deal with it" or "buy a 360". It wasn't until they saw the preorders and all the love Sony was getting did they change their tune. The same thing with the higher price and bundled kinect. Gamers from all over the world complained and moaned becuase they didn't want to be forced to pay more for a peripheral they didn't want to use. MS response? "Kinect is Xbox one, Xbox one is kinect, the kinect is a core an integral part of the Xbox experience and CANNOT BE UNBUNDLED." Of course I'm paraphrasing, but these were actual quotes from actual MS suits. Again, they didn't care until they realized they were getting outsold by a ratio of over 2 to 1.

All companies want our money, but some do a hell of a lot better job at keeping us happy and giving us what we want in the first place.

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NegativeCreep4271570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Exactly what I said. Granted it is still a step forward for Xbox gamers, the change in direction was clearly made for MS shareholders. Microsofts image/reputation and Xbox sales were clearly at a serious low and shareholders demanded changes. That's it.

mcstorm1570d ago

@NextLevel Microsoft are doing what Sony did last gen when they were behind. Its good to have one doing well and then the next time they swap around as this keeps them all needing to deliver great games and services.

JasonKCK1570d ago

"It's because they are getting outsold everywhere"

They started changing things at E3 before the console was even launched. Some people have selective short term memories.

Foxhound9221568d ago

Preorders were in Sony's favor by 5 to 1 at times. It seems like you have a selective memory as well

miyamoto1570d ago

Like they always did since the first Xbox, M$ is just trying hard to copy or gravitate to the principle & blueprint of the PlayStation brand since the original PS One. Simple.

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60FramesPerSecond1571d ago

Gamers buy game consoles. Nobody else. Its simple. While the XB1 has comparable specs to PS4 (especially considering other generations), now is the time to show games. Resolution doesnt matter, just show games. Good games. Games without 2d crowds and tree leaves. Those games.

Utalkin2me1570d ago

Gamers do buy consoles. And as a consumer i going to pick which is right for me and the company that hasn't treated me poorly as a consumer.

Lol @ Xbox1 having comparable specs.

60FramesPerSecond1570d ago

you ever compare xbox original specs to ps2? massive difference. not even funny.

Half_Minute_Hero1570d ago

Yeah, actually they ARE comparable. 900P to 1080P is within the realm of "comparable". 60 frames is right, original xbox vs ps2 was massive, this gen is comparable.

KinjoTakemura1570d ago

@"While the XB1 has comparable specs to PS4"

The only similarity between the Xbox One and PS4 is the AMD based architecture and that is truly where the similarities end.

Half_Minute_Hero1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Most developers say otherwise. One is slightly quicker than the other, but they are very similar. But hey, I'm sure YOU'RE the one that knows best..

StifflerK1571d ago

I'm happy with the changes they've made over time , I like the fan feedback website , the monthly updates , new apps and features - and of course the games.

I liked a lot of what I saw at E3 also - hopefully if MS can keep up this level of quality releases then I'd be very happy.

It's also nice to see them still supporting the X360 as well.

christocolus1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Well that's what you get when you put a former game developer in charge of the division. As good as MS E3 2014 was,I'm expecting next years show to be way way better.

truefan11571d ago

"And when we look at the top ten things they are asking for, they are all on the road map of things we are already working on." Now lets look at the Top 10.

1.Lower Price for Digital Games-11207
2.Background Image on the Dashboard-9931
3.Backwards Compatibility-8568
4.Pre-Order/Pre-Load Digital Games-7953
5.Xbox Music in Background w/o having to snap-7648
6."Low Battery" Notification for Controllers-7383
7.Pre-Order Bonuses for Digital Games-7292
8.3D BluRay Support-5234
9.Gears of War Collection-4979
10.Better integrated DLNA Support-4876

I also hope the next 6 are being worked on as well

11.Description of Updates-4673
12.Reboot Banjo-Kazooie, Conker, and Viva Pinata-4267
13.Cortana on Xbox-4113
14.Access full XBOX store from Smartglass-4033
15.Movies with Gold-3683
16.User Chosen Games with Gold-3673

Overall this is a very good start, It will be cool to see all the recommendations implemented over the next few years.

christocolus1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

The xbox one might just end up being the best xbox yet(games related).original xbox had some great games and 360 did too but MS seems to be putting a lot more effort into xbox one. Games, updates, apps, xbx live,xbox tv etc... In the first year alone ryse,forza5,forza horizon2,titanfall,sunset overdrive,dead rising3, halo mcc,d4,project spark,zoo tycoon,kinect sports,dance central,killer instinct sn1&2,ori.there's something for would be awesome if they continue this way. I honestly can't wait to see the full line up of games for next year and 2016. I'm sure sadya will be approving another $1B very soon.

Artista 1570d ago

I would love a Gears Collection.

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