EA Wary of Long-Term Vita, 3DS Support

GR: Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore doesn't want to place too much stock in dedicated handhelds like Nintendo's 3DS and Sony's PlayStation Vita. At this point, it's mostly about phones and tablets for the publisher when it comes to portable gaming.

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60FramesPerSecond1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

3DS is really too weak. Too many pixels and polygons are so obviously in gameplay it hurts. Id sell mine, but Smash and Pokemon. Plus i paid $249 because i got it launch day

ABizzel11572d ago

I think Mobile : Handheld is just like PC : Consoles. As long as there are exclusives, and entry level price, and dedicated developers to providing a great handheld experience then the handhelds will thrive regardless.

The problem is that mobile is starting to get better support from major developers (although they're still aren't masses of console quality games yet), equal or similar pricing for superior hardware, and as for phone the benefit of easily being with you at all times by being your phone.

I think the Vita is Sony's last labeled handheld. PS Now is their future once they fix their system structure (Free, Rental, Sale). If they want a portable device I see it being a 4G PS Tablet that uses PS Now to stream games, rather than building games exclusively for the device (basically a mobile device + the benefit of having PS entire catalog on stream).

Nintendo; however, will thrive at least for another generation simply, because they aim for affordability (2DS can be found for $99) and they support their handheld with 100% effort.

jcnba281573d ago

I'd rather have weaker hardware and an amazing library of games than a powerful handheld with a weak library.

60FramesPerSecond1572d ago

Yeah, I'll give ya that. GameCube wasn't as powerful as the Xbox, but it had arguably the greatest game library ever

EcoSos31573d ago

Keep walking people dont waste your time with this troll.

3-4-51572d ago

EA doesn't know how to make an Art Style > Realism type of game.

ES Do this & you make money:

* Fifa + Cel Shaded look = Sales World Wide!

When you go for art style, you aren't usually pushing polygons which is less taxing on the console and therefore allows it to run smooth & Look good at the same time.

Fifa = Soccer/fotbol = World's favorite sport = 3DS's are selling EVERYWHERE = Profit!

EA doesn't have that forward thinking ability though. They do9n't have the talent and intelligence to have come up with an idea that thousands of us could have.

Your welcome EA.....

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1572d ago

Resident Evil Revelations says hi

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knifefight1573d ago

Vita-based NHL is something I need in my life.

imXify1573d ago

This so much.

I also want NBA on it. Those games would totally rock on the go !

STK0261573d ago

EA's real reasons : They have a rocky relationship with Nintendo and have decided not to support Nintendo's platforms, may it be the slow-selling Wii-U or the successful 3DS. They, just like many western publishers, have also decided to abandon the Vita, despite its high attach rate and its high potential as a platform. Finally, they see the mobile market for what it is, a low development cost platform with a very high install base that is willing to spend money on almost anything.

imXify1573d ago

I think Sony may do another handheld console after the Vita. But I think they will fuse it with a smartphone since Xperia as been very successful recently.

JBSleek1573d ago

1. They likely won't do another handheld.

2. They will not fuse it with a smartphone because that was already tried and failed miserably.

3. Xperia isn't that successful.

joeorc1573d ago

Agree with most of what you said, but xperia smart phones are selling over 10+ million units a sales quarter, Sony is selling over 50+ Million smart phones a year, yes that is no where near Samsung level, but to say that is not very successful for a product line is kinda stretching it, I mean that's like saying the 3DS is not selling well!

When even the 3DS is not selling over 50 Million units a sales Quarter!

JBSleek1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

"Agree with most of what you said, but xperia smart phones are selling over 10+ million units a sales quarter, Sony is selling over 50+ Million smart phones a year, yes that is no where near Samsung level, but to say that is not very successful for a product line is kinda stretching it, I mean that's like saying the 3DS is not selling well!

When even the 3DS is not selling over 50 Million units a sales Quarter!"

Samsung 555 million sold (30.6% market share)
Nokia: 350 million sold (22.19% market share)
Apple: 150.8 million sold (8.3% market share)
ZTE: 59.9 million sold (3.3% market share)
Huawei: 53.3 million sold (2.9% market share)
TCL Corporation: 49.5 million sold (2.7% market share)
Lenovo: 45.3 million sold (2.5% market share)
LG: 37.6 million sold (2.1% market share)
Yulong: 32.6 million sold (1.8% market share)
Others: 613.7 million sold (34.0% market share)

Sony should be on this list because they did sell 38.4 Million phones but as you can see not really successful.

Sony Mobile has 2% of the market share.

Sony also hasn't sold 50 million phones in a year. That is what they hope for 2014.

imXify1573d ago

Lol Xperia not that successful what ?

It's selling a healthy amount of about 10 million units a year. Yes it is a lot less than Samsung but it's still something.

As people tend to drop dedicated handhelds, one day people would like to play their Playstation game on their phone. There's absolutly no way Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft can jump into the next generation healthily without fixing what's wrong with this current generation.

Things simply changes.

JBSleek1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

I just showed you the numbers are you are still in denial. You are saying 10 million a quarter as if it's a lot.

They aren't successful I not understanding how I can show numbers and people still fight me on this. It's not just Samsung who is beating them. Sony Mobile has at most 3% of the mobile market.

HTC One and GS5 sold 10 million in a month easily.


joeorc1572d ago

That is 3% of the world wide market, look at LG. Just because they do not have any where near 30% of the market like samsung does not mean they are not doing good! Think about it they are getting over 10 freaking million units sold through a sales Quarter.

Thats over 40 million xperia's a sales year! The fact this even outpaces the dedicated game handheld sale through by such a margin is it any wonder Sony is moving more to Smartphones and tablets. Hell they are selling way more xperias than Nintendo can sell 3DS's per year!

Top it off Sony mobile also supports playstation mobile. That means games abd apps that run on the psvita also can run on xperias.

Thats what many are missing, the PSVita is not the priority vs playstation tv, because there is just no real growth for dedicated game handhelds other than Nintendo, so Sony is putting money to better use by making the psvita platform mainly a Micro-Console over that of a game habdheld system. Does not mean they are quiting support for the PSVita, no it just means the priority.

Of the "Vita" as a plaform will be as a platstation Tv first before Mobile PSVita,but since they are the same chipsets its still support.

It just means no camera or rear touch pad support for "Vita" Games now.

MegaRay1572d ago

All PSVita need is a MultiAccount access and it will sell like hotcakes, seriously i am not rebuying everything i own because i have my games on another account.
OR atleast make it, 1 account for games and 1 get trophies but you cant play games the second one have, only the 1st.

Gameseeker_Frampt1573d ago

Yes EA, bring us more quality games like Dungeon Keeper!!!

Personally, I blame us the video game consumer and our ridiculous expectation of video game manufacturers making video games. Can't we all see that EA has a business to run and shouldn't be bothered with making games?!

Don't worry EA, you were not able to three-peat this year in the coveted "Worst Company in America" competition, but we still believe in you and will have your back next year.

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