Ultimate General: Gettysburg Preview (Strategy Informer)

From "Anyone who's ever played a Total War game should know the name of DarthMod. The legendary modder is essentially responsible for making Creative Assembly's series playable for the last few years, through unstinting hard work and the rigorous overhauling of often terrible enemy AI. If you've ever been frustrated by your opponent's baffling decisions in a Total War game, you need to check his work out. Possibly frustrated by the fact that CA seem to delight in resetting all his hard work every few years with another wobbly release, he's decided to head into development himself, working with studio Game-Labs. It's perhaps no surprise that in DarthMod's (real name Nick Thomadis) first foray into game development, Ultimate General: Gettysburg, sexy graphics and unnecessary polish take a firm back seat to cunning and varied artificial intelligence.".

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