VR vs. Microsoft

VRFocus - Despite having no virtual reality (VR) headset of its own, Microsoft remains a consistent talking point within the VR community. That’s to be expected, given that the company is one of the biggest names in technology and its Xbox One rival, Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE) PlaySation 4, already boasts a headset of its own. Not to mention that many of us in the videogame industry would like to see the likes of Halo, Gears of War, Fable and more see VR experiences of their own in the future.

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60FramesPerSecond1572d ago

Halo vr would be awesome. Forza VR would be awesome. Titanfall Vr, sure why not? Viva Piñata VR would be rather sad though.

Docknoss1571d ago

Seriously people are disagreeing with you? Lame

Eonjay1571d ago

Not sure. Some people seem to think that VR is a waste of time/resources. I disagree. We already know Microsoft is working on AR tech. This isn't the same, but it could add another layer of interaction like a floating HUD.

Volkama1571d ago

Mech Warrior. If Microsoft entered the VR arena they would absolutely have to resurrect Mech Warrior. And Crimson Skies.

Vehicle based games are just a perfect fit for tethered VR, because you are simulating staying still and controlling the vehicle (or mech) with a control interface of some kind. Exact match for what you will be doing in real life, mapped to the virtual environment.

Illusive_Man1571d ago

Microsoft needs to do better than make another headset. I want an experience that trumps anything I would experience on Oculus or Morpheus.

Perjoss1571d ago

You're probably looking to the wrong company if you want innovation.

JBSleek1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Defiantly not true.

"your right, Ms doesn't have time for any of that innovation garbage, It is so much easier to just buy the companys doing all the innovation, crush them to powder and release a watered down version of their innovative tech to the masses."

People just take this crap way too seriously. Yes MS buys companies for their technologies but what major company doesn't? Oh that's right you can't think of one.

Also when has MS even done that. Their biggest recent purchase Skype is still alive and kicking.

madpuppy1571d ago

your right, Ms doesn't have time for any of that innovation garbage, It is so much easier to just buy the companys doing all the innovation, crush them to powder and release a watered down version of their innovative tech to the masses.

Yaay4me1571d ago

MS tends to buy innovation not make it. Just as they bought that AR company recently in association with their new AR patents.

Stoppokingme1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Sony emulated the N64's analog thumbstick, then they emulated M$ achievements. That's hardly innovation.

jnemesh1571d ago

You are exactly right there! Look at Microsoft's track record of "innovation", especially in the past 5 to 10 years!

Smartphones...held leadership position, then flushed it down the toilet with Windows Phone. Pissed off all of their Windows Mobile customers by making new system incompatible. Then pissed off early adopters of Windows Phone 7 by making THAT incompatible 2 years later.

Surface (RT) - Tablet launched YEARS late and cost Microsoft $900,000 due to unsold product (and counting)

Windows 8 - Most hated Microsoft interface since "Bob"! MS refuses to listen to customer feedback, instead "doubling down" on "Metro" interface. Slaps customers in the face with the Start BUTTON they asked for...but not the MENU they really want...instead just takes users back to interface they hate! GENIUS!

No, I foresee Microsoft sitting back and letting others like Oculus and Sony take all of the risks with early models...then they will arrive 3 years late to the party with a sub-standard product, just like they ALWAYS do... other possibility is that they will patent the hell out of anything related to VR tech, then troll the companies that ARE successful...just like they are with Android.

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miyamoto1571d ago

Dude M$ already have Oculus Rift in the bag since the Facebook acquisition, trust me.

Since windows OS when did M$ made anything original?

M$ will buy anything with all their billions because they NEVER made their own.

madpuppy1571d ago

True, they bought Ms-dos, Office was acquired from another company they bought, The networking parts of Windows was lifted from BSD-unix, Ms are the kings of don't innovate just buy what you need and slap your name on it.

corvusmd1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

"Despite having no REVEALED virtual reality (VR) headset of its own" ..there fixed it. We all know that MS has been working on AR/VR tech for a long time, just because it's not revealed to the general public doesn't make it real or not. It's better to wait and release a better product, then race to the market with an incomplete one and watch it the sake of "innovation".

@Perjoss if you're knocking MS for innovation you clearly have not been paying attention. Throughout it's entire existence MS has been innovative whether you like it or not. Many staples in the video gaming world today were don't first by MS (despite being the youngest of the big three). Even now as we speak, they are constantly criticized for trying to introduce innovative ways to play video games, through Cloud Computing, creating a new API will "leave 'others' in the dust" and is "four generations ahead" and Skeletal Motion tracking. If you're doing something that no one else is doing, and you're constantly criticized by the "other side" (where their constant criticisms are "prove it" or "it'll never work"), chances are you are doing something innovative.

Just cause you don't like a company doesn't mean they aren't innovative. You denying that they do have aspects of innovation only proves that you are scared of change and won't accept their innovations yet...until someone you like does them.

JBSleek1571d ago

Just partner with Oculus for VR on your next console MS. Don't worry about R&D and the possibility that VR doesn't take off.

Also you have a platform that would be already up and going and would be cross compatible which is nice. I mean an Xbox is simply a PC now anyway.

ps360s1571d ago

I were going to comment about that too

I have the Oculus and it has potential

Yaay4me1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

There are a few miss-spellings in the article but good read. I think in the second to last sentence they mean Sony is gaining ground in VR not Microsoft since they dont even have a headset yet.

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