The fight between the Xbox One and the PS4 will be a tough one this fall, Gamescom will be decisive

With both Xbox One and Playstation 4 making success either in terms of sales of upcoming games, this fall will be an interesting as we're seeing the Playstation 4 ahead of the Xbox One in sales.

Although it's ahead of the sales, Xbox One counts with more exclusives than before this fall alongside the release of the console in the remaining countries in the world that are yet to get the console.

What is the best place to play this fall?

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NextLevel1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

I'm not sure how Gamescom will be decisive. The PS4 is in the drivers seat after every event that's suppose to be decisive, Gamescom shouldn't be much different. People just want the PS4 more than the Xbox One. The PS4 outselling the Xbox One the month Titanfall released proved that.

@Mr gunny

I understand that, but like I said. Titanfall by far recieved more hype than any other game this generation by far and did nothing, with have incentives created for it.

MrGunny941660d ago

Gamescom will be the last major event for both of them to show the games and promotions they got in store :)

I hope we see more of Driveclub and Sunset Overdrive!

Gamescom is mostly focused for games that will be released this year and that are playable

Eonjay1660d ago

GamesCom is actually becoming the dominant event. I am at long last looking forward to some Quantum Break footage, gameplay or anything that clears up some of my questions.
Sony on the other hand has several European based studios so expect some surprises or reveals from them.
Does Nintendo participate?

trenso11660d ago

TGS is still an event to show off things and since MS is claiming more support in japan they will want to show what they have there as well. As well as other companies especially Square Enix

The_Hero1660d ago

Sony will show stuff for the Vita like they always do.

majiebeast1660d ago

Who is dumb enough to use chartz as a reliable source. GTFO with that garbage site.

Septic1660d ago

Who is dumb enough to believe that Titanfall didn't do ANYTHING for the Xbox One?

The_Hero1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Who is dumb enough to believe MK8 only sold 700k in 4 weeks when it sold 1.2M in it's first week.

Overflated numbers, deflated numbers, bending actual sales to what they want you to believe.

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truefan11660d ago

Quantum Break will be the best game shown at Gamescom, BOOK IT. Rare, Lift London, Lionhead, and Press Play are all UK studious with unannounced games, hopefully they showcase what they are working on. It would go a long way with improving the XB1 standing in Europe.

kreate1660d ago

I just want another fable game. A proper fable game.

mikeslemonade1660d ago

How does a almost 2:1 lead even competitive at this point. X1 will be lucky to even sell as much as the PS4 right now at the end of the year.

mkis0071660d ago

seriously, The ps3 was catching up from the first month when it released a year later than the 360. How is xbox one going to be doing that if it hasn't even started to catch up....word of mouth travels faster on negative news, and MS didn't correct it fast enough to sell more console this gen. You will rarely find ps3 only players who are only buying xb1, but the 360 only players who are buying ps4's (not necessarily only ps4's, but it still helps Sony negate xb1 numbers.) are plentiful.

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DanzoSAMA1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

may be will see Gears of War 4 in Gamescom ?

Blackleg-sanji1660d ago

I feel like thats still early along I know quantum break will be there though

lifeisgamesok1660d ago

Yes Quantum Break got saved for Gamescom I can't wait to see more of it

Artista 1660d ago

I think its too soon to see gears in motion

The Meerkat1660d ago

I bought a PS4 simply because I was so pissed at MS and their lack of concern for the people that made Xbox what it was. i.e. Gamers.

But after 8 months of what I would reasonably call Meh with my PS4. (with the exception of Trine 2)
I would be all over a Bone if they show me some Gears 4.

DanteVFenris6661660d ago

Wait, you can consider the ps4 meh, but you want a game that pretty much hasn't changed sense the first. It's a boring game. And I'm not saying that because I'm a faboy. God of war too has gotten boring. Both those game need to shut down and start something new. Same with halo

Dewitt1660d ago

Bringing a new dev with fresh ideas will revitalize this franchise, I think this was a great move by MS although I want to see Shangheist be made after.

Kayant1660d ago

Hmmmmm it started development less than 7 months ago. Highly doubt there would be anything about it. I don't think they need more none information trailers (CGI) about 2016 games right now.

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Mikelarry1660d ago

is that not what was said before e3, this gen is going to be a close one. both MS and Sony have learnt from their past mistakes on what the consumer wants

Dolf0451660d ago

There's a chance one side or the other has aces up their sleeve, or games that just weren't quite ready for E3 that could move people that are still on the fence

Evilsnuggle1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

This gen will not be close at all that's wishful thinking . xbone has crashed and burned in europe . Were last gen 360 was the largest selling console of all time in the U.K now xbone is being out sold 3 to 1 in the U.K . xbone is getting out sold 4 to 1 in europe . In the USA xbone home country and strongest market . xbone has been out sold every month since launch in the USA . so maybe you might want to take down that mission accomplish banner.

this gen
PS4 120-100 million
xbone 60-40 million
wiiu 40-30 million

Dolf0451660d ago

I'm hoping we see some more first party Sony studios at Gamescom. Guerrilla in particular

mixolydian_id1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

There's some great content to look forward to this year on all consoles.... be it multi-platform titles, exclusives or indies.

As much as they'd like you think... this generation is far from taking off. quickly.

If the consoles were real hit's we'd see everyone drop their previous consoles in a heartbeat.

Truth is... they don't offer much more beyond what is already offered last gen...

All three consoles have collectively sold less then 20million units... In comparison to the potential console sales from last generation... that is still a mere 5-10%.

I know it's still the first year of release... but there isnt a lot they can do in a short space of time that can constitute to a 300% bonus in sales across the board.

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