10 Cool New Indie Game Trailers

"If you haven't already, you should subscribe to our YouTube channel, where we upload the newest and most interesting indie game trailers daily. Every now and again we showcase a few here on the website and thought it was time to recap on some of our favourites from June. Enjoy the quirky, crazy and blockbusters games below." - Grab It

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SlappingOysters1569d ago

That Mech game looks particularly fun. Anyone know when it is out?

CoyoteHunter1568d ago

I've taken Bubble Inferno out for a whirl and had an absolute blast. Sort of like a Flappy Bird/Jetpack Joyride cross over, but with bloodthirsty gophers!

shipnabottle1568d ago

I've never played one of the modern combat games. Interesting Gameloft switching to a paid and no IAP model (I think?) Aiming for the hardcore with that one.

gfois901568d ago

looks like some great upcoming titles !

SlappingOysters1568d ago

I heard a new witcher MOBA game got announced today, too. So that's another one to put on the list!