EA Screw Fans Again With Sims 4

EA have been voted as the worst US company for two years in a row, over the last couple years. This year someone else took the flak but that doesn’t mean EA have changed one bit.

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jay21569d ago

I've canceled my pre-order and i'm just about to sign the page.

Codewow1569d ago

Can we even be surprised anymore? It's a daily routine. If gamers were the ones running things, we'd see some great things... for the most part.

Razputin1569d ago

Is anyone surprised by EA anymore?

They put a halt on the Medal of Honor series because it didn't sell the millions of copies like Call of Duty.

They release Battlefield 4 probably a year earlier than they should have, and are now releasing Battlefield Hardline which is just a mod for BF4.

And now they are going to release this BS with Sims 4 and god knows what else.

Activision got away with it with Call of Duty, don't think you can do the same EA. Activision didn't do as well with CoD Ghost, and they only hope to do well with Advanced Warfare.

Now this BS with Sims 4, EA you make a lot more money compared to most game developers and publishers with the exception of probably Activision in comparison to games to profit.

Nordinc, Focus Interactive, 2k, would be jealous, but you have to be the greedy assholes.

abradley1569d ago

Absolutely agree. It's shame as some of their IP's are good games and series. I love Battlefield but even I can see Hardline should have been DLC and not a full game.

I just hope people don't put up with this shit.

SegaGamer1568d ago

I'm not a fan of EA and i am especially not a fan of chopping up games and releasing bits of the games as an expansion pack / DLC. It's just greedy and really bad for gaming.

EA are a terrible company and treat their customers like mugs.