Xbox One Shared Resource Idea Pitch

Could the Xbox One's cloud latency be handled with something that most of us have in our homes? Can physics and graphics processing be offloaded without an internet connection? This article tries to tackle these questions and presents possibilities on how Microsoft can integrate it's Windows platform and OpenCL calculations to present interesting possibilities to the end user.


A lot of people who have been giving me feedback over the article mention that it is very complicated to connect the X1 to a PC. My suggestion kind of works like how the Youtube iOS/Android app pairs to your smart TV. As long as both of them are in the same WiFi network, they become visible to each other and can easily be paired. The Xbox One and a PC should be discoverable and pairable to each other the same way.

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mhunterjr1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

I think developing a game around such a setup would be extremely difficult. With so many variables involved in each individual gamers setup, I think the task would be daunting. The whole point of consoles is so that developers can optimize to a single peice of hardware. Using MS servers for processing makes a bit more sense, because while internet connections vary, developers know exactly how much additional CPU they have available (which is likely more than the typical gamer would have at home.)

I'm not saying this idea couldn't work. I just see it as being more complicated than Microsofts current plans for compute.

ukjadoon1571d ago

Thank you for your comment! Yes, the requests that are sent over to the compute servers are completely different from how OpenCL and Cuda works. I also agree that it may be quite difficult to implement but it could be tackled by a Middleware which translates a universal API that translates the same requests for both Compute and Cuda.

This way developers will have to access the same API with the same syntax which is then translated to either OpenCL or Cloud Compute commands on the fly depending upon which service is available at the moment. This is how us programmers use a lot of services by using middleware APIs. For the web/mobile application development for example, we tend to use services like Parse and UrbanAirship which translate the API requests (which look the same for every kind of application) and translate them into push notifications for Android or iOS, or use authentication with multiple platforms, like Facebook, Google etc. I don't see how the same concept cannot be developed for offloading cpu/physics/graphics processes as well. Just my two cents.

Budobear1571d ago

Its an interesting idea for sure, but normally people buy a console for ease of use, hooking up to a PC and having to set it up as a remote compute hub would be too much of a hassel for most. Its only a small percentage of users who get the most out of the machines anyway and I just feel not nearly enough would use it to make it viable.

JBSleek1571d ago

PC isn't much more hazel then a console. People tend to buy consoles due to their price and games only on them.

ukjadoon1571d ago

Thanks for your comments Budobear. If you have ever paired the Android or iOS Youtube app to your smart tv, all you need to do is for both the phone and the tv to be connected to the same WiFi network. My proposal is the same, as long as the Xbox and the PC is available on the same WiFi network, they should be able to pair. This should make it easy for people to connect the two devices.

Budobear1571d ago

Put like that it sounds even more impressive....I obviously like to over complicate things in my head!

Illusive_Man1571d ago

I know MrX is hated here but him and Mister CTeam called this "local cloud compute". I think it's very doable.

Milesprowers1571d ago

In other words, PC is better then Xbone.

brainfart1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

than* mid to high end pc of course! !

Milesprowers1571d ago

I think you can get a decent Low End PC that's better then Xbone, my PC is 5 years old cost less then $400/£350 and plays games at 1080p @ 60fps

choujij1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )


An GTX 750 ti card that costs $150, which can practically be thrown into any modern pc of the last several years, does in fact play TF better than Xbone.

But that's not really the point of this article.

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