5 Nintendo Collaborative Crossover Titles I would Like to See

Mike from Mii-gamer:

Collaborative titles are now a thing for Nintendo. Once perceived as a closed company – Nintendo has in recent times been willing to open up their big name franchises to other publishers to create a win-win situational game. The biggest title so far, is of course, Hyrule Warriors – a crossover title between the Legend of Zelda and Dynasty warrior series, scheduled to be released in August for Japan and September in the West respectively. Unfortunately, the next collaborative crossover title that we know of, is Shin Megami X Fire Emblem, and that is it. In my opinion, Nintendo should invest in more of these projects – for the reason to fill the schedule with quality titles and as well, to build strong relationships with their partners. So here are 5 Nintendo collaborative crossover titles I would like to see.

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BG115791666d ago

Dead or Alive plus Mario? Hot babes and a plummer, this sounds like something from an X-movie.
The phrase "The princess is another castle" would have gained an all new meaning. ^^

AfterThought1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

How would that work since it is just a fighting game? Smash Bro's fills the bill, I don't think a collab like that would work with Dead or Alive, so to say.

It would just be a fighting game with Nintendo characters.

Unless they took every female Nintendo character, sexed them up and put them Dead or Alive. I can't see Nintendo doing that, good lord all the sexist articles that would start with how sensitive everyone is now.

KonsoruMasuta1665d ago

What he wants is collaboration with DoA: Xtreme not DOA. They're two different games.

DoA is fighting game, but DoA: Xtreme is different. There is no fighting in DoA: Xtreme; it's all about watching the DoA girls in skimpy bikinis and playing mini games like poker, volley ball, and racing.

wonderfulmonkeyman1665d ago

Collaborations for new games is one way third parties can guarantee themselves more sales on wii u.
The other way, is by doing what they did with Soul Calibur 2 on the GameCube: deliver their multiplats with all of the same standard content, then add in some special content that will be unique to each version.

For example, imagine CoD Ghosts on wii u getting unique dlc, like guns that look like and fire like the different beam cannons in the Metroid series, and space pirates showing up in extinction mode.
Or a map that has warp pipes in it, a la Mario, that can be used for strategically locking down and invading different areas of the battlefield. That would be an epic map to use for Domination matches!

There's really no reason why third parties should not try these things.
They'd eventually get a knack for it, and then they'd be getting great sales on all three consoles instead of just two of them.

modesign1665d ago

how about bully/mario, mario bullies the other nintendo characters.

mydyingparadiselost1665d ago

Resident Evil: The Eternal Darkness
Honestly, I just want to see Chris eaten by a many mawed eldritch demon while screaming "Pargon, Pargon", but maybe that's just me.