Neverwinter coming to Xbox One later this year

While release date for Neverwinter Xbox One remains unknown, industry insider implies that the game will be one of the launch titles of Chinese Xbox One in September.

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jackdaniels1668d ago

Are RPG's big in China? when i spent 6 months out there last year, most of the people (I spoke to) who game'd played puzzle games, they didnt seem interested in RPG's.

Looks like a fun game though

Volkama1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Yes, online RPGs are big over there. Free to play and pay as you play schemes are big. When Blizzard were publishing those 13 million active WoW account numbers and such about 5 million of them were attributed to China. That became very obvious when the game was banned in china for a while, and the numbers dropped by 5million.

The payment setup was completely different over there though. No subscription, they have to keep a meter topped up in order to play (a very low price meter).

Neverwinter is probably a good fit there, particularly if the PC version is not already available there/

Unlike you though, I have never been. So your perspective is probably more on point than mine.

creeping judas1667d ago

Here's hoping for a North American release also!

lwgt121667d ago

I'm pretty sure the game will have NA release.

truefan11667d ago

This is a big deal. Xb1 will launch with Chinese ready software, I am definitely intrigued how well Xb1 will do there.

Yetter1667d ago

Well this is good news. Haven't played neverwinter in ages but I'd try it again if it showed up on XB1

gtxgamer21667d ago

Wasn't ps4 suppose to see to this game as we'll?