Top Tuesday - The 10 worst video games ever.

MWEB GameZone writes: "The things that you love the most, are also the things that can hurt you the most. Which is just an unnecessarily complicated way of saying that there are really, really bad video games out there and they'll make you feel bad.

We've compiled a list of these aberrations so that you don't ever have to play them yourself."

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plut0nash2065d ago

Star Trek was pretty shocking.

3-4-52064d ago

How did that Custer game get approved ?

Different times I guess.

plut0nash2064d ago

Bills needed to be paid I guess.

CongoKyle2065d ago

I really thought the picture of the horse was a real game. Not even sure why I'm disappointed it isn't ;/ Also, Survivor? What's the real aim of the game? Survive the opening credits?

HanCilliers2064d ago

What has been seen cannot be unseen

Sillicur2065d ago

I can still remember the dissapointment i felt from Diakatana

modesign2065d ago

duke nukem forever should of made the list, a game 10yrs in developement and ended up looking like a 2000 title.

HanCilliers2064d ago

I'm with you on the Duke that Fell from His Throne

Sillicur2064d ago

Duke nukem forever is to bad to be on any list :( So dissapointed !

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