Top 5 Most Overrated Critically Acclaimed Video Games

DAM writes: "Here’s my top 5 most overrated critically acclaimed video games."

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Agent20091569d ago

Silence before the storm...

fenome1568d ago

Wow, just wow.

I mean, yeah, people have different playstyles and preferences, but he never even finished TLoU or HL2. You can't just watch a video on the TLoU ending and call it a day, you actually have to experience it first-hand to fully grasp the impact.

PeaSFor1568d ago

"Overrated Critically Acclaimed Video Games" and put TLOU in the list..... wtf, its like a talking about a gourmet burger and using a bigmac as reference...

this blog is a blatant click bait.

johndoe112111568d ago

This guy is a troll and a clickbait leech. What else do you expect from someone who wrote a headline like this http://doubleaardvarkmedia....

Eonjay1568d ago

Its okay to have an opinion, even if its manufactured for clicks.

nix1568d ago

Story quality: WTF.

Like this website: No.

Clunkyd1567d ago

Also, how can the most awarded game of all time be overrated?

The_Hero1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

Actual Overrated Games:
-Gears of War Judgment
-Battlefield 4 (Because of server issues)
-Call of Duty Ghost (Because of Super Dogs: )

Overrated means games that didn't live up to the hype and ended up sucking and selling bad compared to previous installments.
His list is quite the opposite.

Aces171567d ago

@The_Hero Overrated means it was rated over/higher than it should have been has nothing to do with hype.

Prime1571567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

This list is a list to generate hits.

Voted down and moving on. It would be interesting to see this person's gaming preference.

assdan1567d ago

I don't know how you can call TLOU an 8. That game is at least a 9 if you ask me. And HL2 is a gaming classic. The only one thing I agree with on the list is cod.

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ArchangelMike1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Clickbait article.

Lazy gaming 'journalist' that's new to gaming. If you never finished a game, you cannot offer an objective unbiased critique of that game.

Article FAIL on all points.

jeeves861568d ago

Sure you can.

You can play a game long enough to get a pretty good feel of what the game is without finishing it. If someone's critique on a game has nothing to do with how the story plays out and more about the general feel of the game, AI, controls and mechanics, then there's not really a need to finish the game at all as it's extremely unlikely that these things will change by the time the game is done.

Do I agree with this guy's opinions? No, it's very obviously a clickbait article but you can definitely review a game without playing it to completion.

ArchangelMike1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )


I agree with you to a point. Some games - minecraft for example, you don't really play it to the end, so you can review it without finishing it. Multiplayer games like Call of Duty, again there really is no 'end', so you can review it without finishing the game. You raise good points.

However, the author lists TLOU as the number 1 most overrated game. TLOU of very heavily a story based game. One in which the end of that story gives massive significance to everything that has gone before, even right back to the beginning. The same is true for Uncharted 3, and Half Life 2, although admittedly to a lesser degree.

The fact is, the author has not given these games the playtime that they deserve. This type of lazy video game sensationalist journalism needs to stop; as it can negatively impact the industry. Especially if people stop buying these games because some video game 'journalist' said they were overrated.

showtimefolks1568d ago

just LOL

just put some huge games on the list and call it a day. Now a days in gaming its fun to hate on popular games

Magicite1568d ago

I cant understand hype around Minceraft, all other games are great in their own genre.

rainslacker1567d ago

It's like SimCity. It's just addictive to build stuff.

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t-hall7851567d ago

I'm in total agreement in all of the games mentioned.

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Thatguy-3101568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

I agree on Uncharted Drakes Deception but The Last of Us??? O.o??? I can think of a lot more games that can take its place like GTA 4 for example. When people complain about the AI are they referring to the enemy or friendly one? The friendly one didn't bother me and the enemy one was amazing when playing in hard and survivor mode.

OrangePowerz1568d ago

Couldn't agree more with GTA4, as far as GTA games go it was rather bad.

lfc_4eva1567d ago

I've never understood the hate for GTA4.
I totally loved it.
Maybe its because I didn't own a PS for GTA3 and the others. However that hasn't stopped me loving GTA4 and replaying it again on my pc.

I really enjoyed driving around with the 80's radio blasting out, being a youngster of that time, this really appealed to me.

OrangePowerz1567d ago

GTA 4 isn't bad as a game itself, it's just not a good GTA game since it's missing a lot of fun and craziness of the other games.

DragoonsScaleLegends1568d ago

He must not have any emotions for him to put The Last of Us on here.

persona4chie1568d ago ass the last of us is NOT overrated

Snookies121568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Exactly. It's one thing to not like the game (everyone has their preferences), but you're a moron if you sit there and say The Last of Us is overrated when it clearly deserves the praise it gets. It's obvious a lot of love and detail went into creating that game. Shoot, I didn't like Ni No Kuni, but I recognize that it's a really beautiful game with a lot of work put into it. Just because I didn't enjoy it, doesn't mean it's not an amazing game.

MrSwankSinatra1568d ago

The only person that is the true "MORON" is when someone calls someone a moron over "THEIR" opinion. Granted the writer didn't even finish TLoU so he really can't formulate a true opinion on a game he's never even finished. However I did play and finish TLoU and "IN MY OPINION" it was overrated. It had a very well written story, but the gameplay was very repetitive and for me gameplay is king.

persona4chie1568d ago

Agreed. There are various games that are good that i don't like, that doesn't mean that they are overrated. Im just not interested in them.

Snookies121568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

@MrSwankSinatra - It's not an opinion that the game is extremely well done. I already stated it's okay if you dislike the game, not everyone will like it and that's fine. You should be able to see a quality product though, even if doesn't particularly suit your tastes. At least, I'd hope people would be able to.

HeWhoWalks1568d ago

The dude just posted some of the most influential games of our time. If anything, he's just what I've been saying is wrong with some in the industry - the feeling that he's entitled to something.

In the future, I'll make sure not to take many of his articles serious.

zeuanimals1568d ago

How likely is it that you'll see another article/opinion piece by this guy again? This is practically a blog post.

HeWhoWalks1568d ago

A lot of things "seem" unlikely. Doesn't mean this guy won't get approved again.

Roccetarius1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

The only games on that list being infuential is Half Life, CoD and Minecraft. You do know where the style from Uncharted came from, right? Yep, from the other side of the exclusive pond.

Otherwise Uncharted would've been a more colourful game and friendly game.

HeWhoWalks1568d ago

Your opinion is your opinion, but I think the franchise has spoken for itself. If you think Uncharted has had no impact and influence on modern cinematic titles, you've been living under a rock.

warczar1568d ago

The COD influence your referring to must be the "crap out a game a year from our best selling franchises" policy that all large publishers have adopted now. Please, COD is the only game on the list that belongs there.

rainslacker1567d ago

I may be able to take this article seriously if the guy said which games he actually did like. If you're going to downplay something, it's good to establish what kind of things you like. Otherwise he just comes across as a troll. Looking at some of his other articles, he appears to be a big League of Legends fan.