The Last of US Remastered Will Hit Japan One Month Late; Will it Boost Local PS4 Sales?

The Last of Us was quite popular in Japan, for a western game, debuting with 122,000 copies sold in its first week and growing to over 240,000 in sales. Its PS4 successor, The Last of Us Remastered, finally has a release date in the archipelago of the Rising Sun.

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showtimefolks1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

it will, i think come this TGS we will see sony really turn their focus on japan. They have been busy with Europe and USA markets. But now is the time to really make an impact in Japan

a impact like buying/merging Capcom
Showing more of FF15 or KH3
MGS5 update
showing the last Guardian
possibly new Yakuza game
Shenmue IP

also what else are sony japan working

caseh1569d ago

Shenmue IP

We can all dream eh :)

bouzebbal1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

it will boost a bit but not much i'd say.
i hope they announce some jap AAA games at TGS, it's the only way to move consoles

Zichu1569d ago

TLoU was an amazing game, I don't think it will do amazing on the PS4 in Japan. If you look at it this way, most of the games on the PS4 are selling below 100k, only a few have sold over 100k.

Are Japan the kind of country to go out and buy a console for a remastered version of a game that did alright on the PS3?

pwnsause_returns1569d ago

its also a western game. i dont think it wont make much of an impact over there. then again ND games over there have sold pretty well.

WeAreLegion1569d ago

It will probably boost sales a bit in NA and EU, but I doubt it will change much in JA. There are several other games that will help in Japan though.

MightyNoX1569d ago

It'll cause a small blip (like from 8k to 14k?) but nothing short of a new Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy or a surprise hit like Youkai Watch could constitute what we'd call a boost.

Ol_G1569d ago

it won't go from 8k to 14 seriuosly almost double for a remastered game that's available on ps3 for a year ?
the japanese are not stupid these games don't sell there look up tomb raider for ps4

snookiegamer1569d ago

The awesome TLOU remaster aside. Japan needs incredible RPG's to move PS4's.......

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