5 reasons why the Wii U has failed

2nerdy: A lot of people have accused Nintendo of being in “crisis”, which is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard since “Video games is for kids”. Both statements are false. Nintendos 3DS is the best handheld console in the world. It has good sales and is releasing games that people want every year. Yes we know, Nintendo re-hashes games blah, blah, blah, but how about you look at their highest selling games: Pokemon, Super Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda, the list goes on; these are all games that have been made over and over, and even remade and we all still love them. How excited was everyone when Windwaker HD came out? I know I was. Let’s not forget, Call of Duty and Fifa are the most overrated re-hashed games anyone could ever play.

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Benjaminkno1571d ago

... Because it's developing momentum and you're in denial??

miyamoto1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Denial much?

The difference between Nintendo and Nintendo fanboys is very very clear.

Nintendo is brave/man enough to admit failure and move on.
Yeah Nintendo "moves on" isn't that nice.

Meanwhile Nintendo fanboys are still in denial, insecure, bitter & can't get over the fact.

Instead of suggesting solutions to Nintendo you guys lick their corporate butt and pretend everything they do is right.

In fact many gamers point out the Wii U's problem is basically its loyal fanbase who would rather buy mostly Nintendo first party games and not 3rd party supporters of Nintendo like Ubisoft.


"Those who don't learn from their mistakes are bound to repeat them." - Virtual Boy

If there is a Sonic Cycle there is also a Nintendo Cycle because they keep on repeating them selves.

Benjaminkno1569d ago

As long as it's still making a profit, I don't see how it can be viewed as a failure. "Fanboy" or not, it's my favorite console ever made.

GameCube made more profit than any console since the Wii, those are the facts. I know that it's difficult to accept, but sales don't determine success, as the competition has lost billions off of their "successful" consoles. I won't bother with the pointless youtube link.

They already know what they did wrong with WiiU, so, I'm not interested in making suggestions that are irrelevant at this point.

WiiU is backwards compatible even with virtual console purchases, unlike Sony that feels the need to make the Ps4 controller compatible with the Ps3.

I'm more pissed off about my PSN purchases not transferring to my Ps4, than anything Nintendo has done to hurt themselves. Ps4/XBOne are all hype and no bite, as far as I'm concerned. Image precedes game-play in their regard.

So maybe you should preach elsewhere, because so far, all I'm seeing is the failure of XBox and the failure of Sony.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1570d ago

1) Poor Advertising
If you're talking Nov. 2012 - Sept. 2013 yes.
SM3DW has started the changed.

2) Lack Of Ambition
Wii was never sold as a kiddy console, Wii U wasn't made to compete. It was made to bring some third party devs back on board and to make Wii fans the new gamers to become one.

3) The Games
Exclusives must take time and release in a Near Perfect and not broken. Exclusives defines each platforms and will be the main factor in it's sales.

4) They took too long to get the ball rolling
Nothing comes out good if you rush roo much out.
You gonna get strike by a Blue Shell if you're so far ahead sooner or later leaving your competitors and opened strike.

5) The hardware doesn’t compare to the big boys
Big boys???
More like gay boys wanting the same games, features, content and whatelse paid online.

Being different and yourself is what Nintendo want to be.

mezati991570d ago

"More like gay boys wanting the same games, features, content"

isn't this what mario zelda and pokemon is all about?!

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1570d ago

maybe you misunderstood my comment

by same games I am talking multiplatform

rdgneoz31570d ago

"Wii was never sold as a kiddy console, Wii U wasn't made to compete."

Yah, it (Wii) was never sold as a kiddy console... It made it big in the casual / family friendly market, advertised to the soccer moms and such. There were very few mature rated games, which didn't do so well in comparison to how many units were sold.

"More like gay boys wanting the same games, features, content and whatelse paid online."

PS+ gives you 2 to 6 games for free (2 PS4, 2 PS3, and 2 vita). Not a bad deal when you can get 12 months for $30 to $40 (24 to 72 free games). And seeing as a game with a 500 mill budget (Destiny - advertising and development) is not coming to the wii or wii u, who's losing out? Exclusives define a system, but a lot of sales go to multiplats. And in the next 6 months or so, Wii U won't be getting Evolve, AC: Unity, Witcher 3, Dark knight, Far Cry 4, Shadows of Mordor, etc.

IcicleTrepan1570d ago

to call an entire group of people gay because they like Mario is pretty pathetic if you ask me.

Evilsnuggle1570d ago

as a gamer who has owned ever nintendo home console up to the wii . I now see nintendo products as being marketed at children. I offered to by my children a wiiu and they turned it down in favor of 360 games . my youngest 9 - 15 .

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DragoonsScaleLegends1570d ago

I think it should be called Wii Universe but besides that only the bad pr and crappy 3rd party game ports are holding it back. Also lack of any new games.

persona4chie1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Failed at what, its life cycle is still going didn't fail because Nintendo is still supporting it. Its still early in its life and they haven't announced/released a new console yet. Failed would be the vita BECAUSE Sony ultimately stopped supporting it for the handheld that it is, and started treating it like a fancy ps4 controller

Testfire1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

A failure to keep the casual market that the Wii brought in, and a failure to bring in new gamers. The only people buying a Wii U are long time Nintendo fans. Middle and high school kids aren't talking about Nintendo, they want X1s and PS4s. So in these terms they did fail. In terms of making great sequels to their long lived franchises they did great. In terms of keeping money in the bank, they also did great.

They will at some point need to attract the younger audience though and keep that audience as they get older by making more mature games.

persona4chie1570d ago

I overall see and can agree to your points, however i feel youcan'tmarket something as a failure until they have done what they usually do to keep a console since its only been out a year and a half not 5+ years that's not enough time to build a stable base in MOST CASES. We haven't seen the release of the exclusive goodies like Bayo2 XCX, Zelda, starfox, smash bros. And after we get those plusa possible pokemon, metroid, new 3d Mario, animal crossing THEN you can say they failed. Those are the games people have come to expect from Nintendo so once they've done that then people can judge.

Scatpants1570d ago

Too weak and no games what other reasons do there need to be? There are a few games I'd like to play on it, just not enough to warrant me buying a system. Maybe if it was $150 I'd get one.

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lilbroRx1570d ago

Yep. Like I said, people will just keep going down. A while back people were saying when the Deluxe price became the normal price of 299. Then when it became 250. Then after it hit those prices they said they would buy one when it hits $200.

Now that its avialble for those prices we have our first $150. I'm sure once it hits those prices they'll be saying $99.

The reality is that the price complaints were never more than an insult to begin with. Just a side stepped way of saying that the Wii U is not worth anything without actually saying it so they don't look bad.

Price was never the issue with the Wii U. This has been proven repeatedly.

SpiralTear1570d ago

"Maybe if it was $150 I'd get one."

Quit kidding yourself. You totally wouldn't. There are some great games on Wii U right now and the momentum is growing as we speak. If you don't want a Wii U now, when it's catching everyone's eye and getting increased sales, you just don't want one and you're dead set on just saying it's bad.

Scatpants1570d ago

No, I want to play Smash Brothers and Zelda if it ever comes out, maybe Mario. That's only 3 games though. not worth buying a system for. I'm sure it has some other good games they're just not system sellers. I'll probably pick one up used one day, but I alrady have a PS4 and an X1 so it's not really a priority unless the price is a steal. I think alot of people hold that opinion and that is why the WiiU is struggling in sales. 2-3 really good releases a year just doesn't cut it. If I bought one it would probably collect dust 75% of the time just like the Wii did.

SpiralTear1570d ago

Why did you buy a PS4 AND an Xbox One? 80 percent of their retail libraries right now are shared multi-platform games like Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty. In that regard, there are only a handful of good exclusives on each. So, in essence, you bought a PS4 or an Xbox One (whichever one you bought second) for a handful of exclusives.

Not the best investment of 400-500 dollars there, pal.

Scatpants1570d ago

Yes, because the exclusives on those systems will be big budget AAA blockbusters that are system sellers, the thing the WiiU lacks. Smash brothers looks fun and all, but I would probably be over it in a week and then what? another 6 month wait for something good to come out.

SpiralTear1570d ago

So you're basing the quality of software on sales? That only system sellers are good games? And you're saying that AAA blockbusters only appear on PS4 and Xbox One? If you don't like the Wii U's games, that's okay, but this "no games" argument is flawed from the start.

Right now, the Wii U has more quality exclusives then either of the other systems and it will continue to do so in 2014. PS4 and Xbox One will get quality exclusives, but their 2014 seasons are near dead right now. You can have fun with one, but you do not need to buy both at all.

I'm still stunned that you're passing on Wii U at $300 and saying it has no games (when its exclusives are plentiful and good), yet you bought two systems (at more than $400 each) with extremely similar libraries. Even worse, you're trying to justify that practice with these "AAA blockbuster" and "system seller" fallacies. No way that'll cut it.

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