PS Vita: Is Sony’s Change An Admission of Defeat?

OG writes: "There are two ways to look at Sony changing the objective for the Vita. One way is to discuss how Sony is directly responsible for the failure of the system. The other way, is to talk about how this new change in direction might actually be a boost for the system and it’s owners. We’ll start with the former."

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NewMonday1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Again with another spin article, his original comments were taken out of context, he explained yesterday..

Yoshida:"I never said we would stop making games for PSVita, we just launch a game called Freedom Wars in Japan, it's a big title dedicated to PSVita that was received really well in Japan and we will bring to Europe and US..and we are making that very very beautiful JRPG called Oreshika, and a game made in Europe Mursaki Baby another dedicated PSVita title that got many awards at E3, and we are continuing to make cross-platform games like Helldivers and Counterspy and many many games we have in development for PSVita "

E3 showcased many Vita games..

And Sony 3rd party productions are working on over 70 games for the Vita

The_Hero1664d ago

Last 2 E3, Sony hasn't shown much at their E3 press conference. This year, they have shown some in their Live Cast.

The Last 2 Gamescom where heavily focused on the Vita.
We'll see more games there.
They will talk more about the PS4 as well.

JBSleek1665d ago

Surprised Sony is still hanging on to Vita.

No matter how you slice it or think about it Vita is simply getting slaughtered by its competitor. But keep chugging along.

Spotie1664d ago

IF they were both aimed at the same market, I'd agree.

But they're not.

Haven't we had this conversation before? Do people not recognize that the Vita's target market could never be as big as that of the 3DS, and thus the sales weren't ever likely to be comparable?

"No matter how you slice it or think about it," the Vita is the better DEVICE. What developers decide to do is out of the Vita's hands. And even Sony isn't giving it the love it should have.

But the two are no more direct competitors than a sports car and a minivan.

JBSleek1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

Lol no.

They are both targeted at gamers period. When people say this it seems so silly. They aren't aimed at the same market you say yet they are occupying the same customers which is people who want to game on the go.

And no the 3DS Vita difference isn't equivalent to a sports car and a minivan... They are $30 price difference. They both play games. So therefore in the EXACT same market.

Also this whole they aren't the same market is silly too. That's like saying the PS4 is targeted to games only and Xbox One is targeted by being an all in one device and the Wii U is targeted at families so we can't compare sales...What.

maniacmayhem1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

Lol, really now the excuse is that Vita isn't intended to be the dedicated video game handheld it was suppose to be? This is the new excuse as to why the 3DS beats it year after year?

I remember not too long ago how you claimed the Vita was for true hardcore gamers and that all it needed was a year on the market to be a success.

But now the two shouldn't be compared? So what can we compare it to in terms of success or failure?

I love it, you will make up anything no matter how insane it is to make out like Sony can do no wrong.

kreate1664d ago

Since its the same market.

That's like saying ur surprised Nintendo is still hanging on to the wii-u.

Ps vita is fine. U dont have to beat ur competition to make money.

U want the vita dead or something?

JBSleek1664d ago

Don't compare those sales of the Wii U to it's competitors to Vita and 3DS. People are really reaching now.

3DS is almost outselling the Vita 5:1. 45 million to about 9 million. So making an analogy to Wii U is delusional.

I don't care about Vita dying or not. I just speak the truth.

kreate1664d ago


and what's the truth?

yazter1664d ago

The only thing killing the vita is the doom and gloom articles and opinions that actually sway others into that perception.

Vita is awesome. You should try it (if you want) then decide! :)

JBSleek1664d ago

So are you saying that their is simply no truth in the struggles of Vita? Wouldn't you want to demand more from an electronic you have?

Scatpants1664d ago

I agree it is awesome. It needs more support. I have been playing my Vita More than my 3DS for quite a while now.

OurcadeGames1664d ago

I didn't write this particular piece, my colleague did. Be that as it may, I don't feel its a doom-and-gloom piece at all. He just wanted to discuss what a shift on focus could possibly mean. He just said the main focus would be smaller indie titles, and that does seem to be the case. Doesn't mean it will never see a big title again.

We both own PS Vita's and we love them to death. The last thing either of us wants is its failure.

60FramesPerSecond1664d ago

Vita is a cool little device. It will be remebered as something that tried to break the conventions of handheld gaming. too bad their is so few games of triple a quality

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