5 of the Best Character Inclusions in Smash Bros

Certain characters have seen their own franchises resurrected, or expanded across the globe, their popularity exploding overnight. Such is the power of Smash Bros. Some characters are merely perfect choices because they so very well encapsulate Nintendo and its legacy, or even that of a rival company’s. Here and now, I bring you five of the best character inclusions in Smash Bros – not necessarily because everyone wanted them in the game, but because of what their inclusion in Super Smash Bros. achieved.

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Geekman1567d ago

Despite what many say, I believe Sonic belongs in the game. Do I despise every character in the game? Yes. Do I recognize the franchises fun factor? Yes. Sonic Unleashed, Colors, Generations, and Lost World WERE GOOD GAMES. But they received 5's and 6's because the characters were annoying.

I'm not a huge Sonic fan, but reviewers needs to get it together with his games.