Yoshida: “Many, Many” First-Party PS Vita Games in Development

The question I was asked was, ‘going forward, [will] the number of first party will be smaller?’, and I said ‘yes, number of projects will be smaller.’ I never said ‘we won’t make any games on PS Vita’.

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bouzebbal1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Fat Princess???
now we're talking!

EDIT: ok, i just saw some pictures and it's a big let down! it's a kind of Tetris on Fat Princess theme, really kind of games i hate...
I won't quote this garbage among the first party titles for Vita.

Nintendo are releasing all their glories big AAA titles for 3DS continuously. Too bad Sony didn't give Vita the PSP treatment with big exclusive titles.

showtimefolks1570d ago

Vita is a system to have because of 2nd screen experience. start a game on ps4, keep playing on Vita

that by itself should be enough, the attach rate of vita is crazy high when it comes to software. So its just that more people need to give Vita a chance

awesome system

bouzebbal1570d ago

...i dont think it's enough.
it's like you buy a car but the fuel it requires is so rare and in the meantime you just use it to sleep in. it doesnt make sense.
remote play is good, dont give me wrong. but the first time they advertised Vita was all about the games and dual sticks and front back camera that will enhance gaming experience on a handheld.

a gaming console is made to play games and we deserve some big titles just like 3DS has.

URNightmare1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Awesome!! The Vita is a fantastic gaming device! 32GB memory card arriving tomorrow. All Vita memory cards are on sale now in Amazon and other retailers...

16GB is $20 off and 32GB is $30 off! 👋☝👍👌

They need to make a game that would make many buy the system. Something like a new Syphon Filter or Crash Bandicoot, Final Fantasy, a proper COD or BF also compatible with Playstation TV.

Iceball20001570d ago

they make a 64GB now? holy shit a $103

Lord_Kaname1569d ago

Haven't those prices been like that for awhile? You can go to eBay and get them cheaper. A 16 GB would be around $31.

TheGamez1001570d ago

Localize more japanese games and give us more quality western games!

nope1111570d ago

Give us a release date on Freedom Wars!!!
And some more info on Oreshika!

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The story is too old to be commented.