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jwatt3786d ago

That looks unique and very refreshing, it's good to see something like this. I hope they add all kinds of exotic animals that are hard to find that would make it very interesting.

DongHungLong3786d ago

It will be cool to explore... I really hope they have deep caves with bats and such. I wonder how they will deal with animal attacks tho. I can't imagine you can get up near a lion and survive very many times.

jwatt3786d ago

now that would be really cool if some animals attack you.

Ashton3786d ago

just some of the previous trailers,,it shows when you get close the animal charges and attacks

DongHungLong3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Would probably bump game to a teen rating tho. Although it looks like animals do attack each other. I wonder if they mate and give birth. How in depth will this game be :o

Hydrolex3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

would you pay 60 for a game like this ? seriously though


Off-Topic: Sony could continue working on The Getaway and Eight Days instead of this crap. Common people !!!

JVIDICAN3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

its actually cheaper than most games (at least in japan)
so im guessing $40 if it comes to the US

jwatt3786d ago

Well first I would like to know more about the game but I think a 40 price tag on the psn would be right. Like I said before though, I want to see all kinds of animals in the game and I want to know details like can you get hurt and stuff like that.

Dir_en_grey3786d ago

The Japanese price for this game is on the cheaper side compared to other Japanese PS3 games, so it'll probably be cheap here.

And to answer your question, Hell Yeah!! I'd rather play this, relax and learn something while having fun instead of just more brainless killing, there are already enough of those games.

I only wish they would get a consistent frame rate because I do notice it during some scenes, and frame rate drops has always bothered me whenever it occurs in any next-gen game.

DongHungLong3786d ago

I'd like to see it as a PSN title thats between $30~$40. Maybe $30 with DLC that adds new animals and habitats or something.

Dir_en_grey3786d ago

I think it would be too big for a PSN title. You got real footage and pictures of each animal and stuff. You are supposed to roam Africa and find all sorts of animals, once you find them they are added to your library where you get footage/picture and descriptions of them.

From Japanese magazine scans, the game is supposed to have real animal habitats and behavior so during day and night they'll act differently.
It's more like a game w/ a encyclopedia for you to learn about animals in Africa.

Qbanboi3786d ago

This is been made but Sony Japan, not Sony Europe, who are the guys that were making 8 days, and Getaway. Anywho... i will totaly buy it first day without doubt if it's $40.

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scoobs3786d ago

holy tit balls those graphics are awesome, i want it now.

jwatt3786d ago

It's wierd I keep watching this trailer, I'm actually very impressed with this games. I think you'll really feel like your in Africa when you play it.

Doppy3786d ago

The game looks really good. I wasn't haven't been interested in this game since E3 06, but now I really want to play it. Games like this will allow Sony to bring in more casual gamers, while giving the hardcore gamers something new to play. I feel this is more of an experience rather than a game, and I think that's the direction Sony should go with all their games. Allow players to experience something ranter than leading them through a linear story.

As far as pricing goes I expect it to be $19.99 or $39.99 since those are the highest prices for games released on PSN thus far.

Whoooop3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

I don't even know if I'm getting this game, but it looks great and very interesting.

Being able to explore the whole jungle and find cool spots to take pictures it's just awesome.

Also it looks stunning.

PlayStation3603786d ago

At first I was excited. Then got a little less into it when I found out about the photographer gameplay. Then I thought it probably would be dope to travel around and admire these amazing graphics of these animals. So it's like I have some mixed feelings. However, if they can incorporate some Home integration, ie: using your Home avatar, co-op, etc. Count me in. That would be dope.

Dir_en_grey3786d ago

The guy driving the Jeep is black...
So nobody tries to start that Resident Evil 5 "this game is racist" crap again OK? =)

(Ahhh SH!T, I just realized, black guy driving a white guy... damn it somebody's gonna call this game racist...)

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