Game Review Radio: Review: Mario Kart 8

Join in for the 8th installment in the Juggernaut series from Nintendo, Mario Kart 8! Selling over 2 Million copies to date Mario Kart 8 is a serious contender for Nintendo.

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60FramesPerSecond1574d ago

Game was really short. no replay value, short tracks, quick unlocks. wasted $60.

iplay1up21574d ago

I disagree. The game has a TON of replay value, with online and multi-player. Also getting 100% 3 stars on all CC's is super hard.

colonel1791574d ago

"3 stars on all CC's is super hard"

That's because the coin item ruined the game!

deafdani1574d ago

I already got 3 stars on all CC's, mirror mode included. It was kind of hard, yes, but not as hard as it was for Mario Kart 7.

That being said, I still have put about 45 hours into Mario Kart 8 already, so... no replay value? Whoah. I guess that dude doesn't like to play online or with friends or with family or something.

colonel1791574d ago

I can only say that the coin item completely ruined the game!

60FramesPerSecond1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

Yes! so many 1st place wins were ruined by a coin. want a shell? no? heres a coin! you already have 10? so what? then a red shell attacks

weekev151574d ago

Jeez you cant wait to troll every Nintendo article huh? FWIW game came out 4 weeks ago and I am still playing it pretty much non stop. Game isnt short if you want to 3 star everything and online is incredible.

randomass1711573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

No replay value? Bah! Online always increases replay value. Not to mention VR and unlockables.

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sk8ofmnd1574d ago

If this game is better than my fav mario kart 64 I would play the crap out of it. Why do you feel you wasted your $$. Mayb its not your type of game.

60FramesPerSecond1574d ago

no, ive loved every main console mario kart. just not this one.

b6gaming1574d ago

Excellent and addictive game, I can see myself still playing this in years to come, especially with the dlc.