Powers part of Sony E3 conference was "a mistake", says Yoshida

GR-UK writes: "With a couple of weeks to think about it, Sony's President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida believes while the company had "a lot of positive feedback" to their E3 conference, not everything was pitch perfect.

"We spent too much time talking about Powers," he replied when we asked him about the mid-conference lull. "So we could have made [that] a bit shorter. So that was a mistake."

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US8F3676d ago

Yes, That was a borefest. What a way to introduce the guy who replaced jack tretton. Very bad first impression

AngelicIceDiamond3676d ago

I'm guessing they won't do it next E3 I suppose.

But then again its up to Shawn Layden we just have to trust he'll leave those things out of the show next year.

JoGam3676d ago

To Sony: Take all the mistakes you made and correct them. Prepare for the next event.

JimmyDM903676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised to see Sony and Microsoft shift towards Nintendo's E3 style in the upcoming years. A pre-recorded video that's shorter but denser in terms of the content gamers want. No executives talking awkwardly onstage (regurgitating the same sound bites we've heard a thousand times), no technical mishaps. Just 100% content.

Darkstares3676d ago

They need to trim the length of the show to 90 minutes but Sony won't do that.

bjmartynhak3676d ago

Shawn is a nice guy. He handled well the boring stuff he had to tell.

nicksetzer13676d ago

Wow, harsh to call one of your partners content being shown "a mistake" I agree that it was boring and out of place, (plenty of other event/formats it could have been shown at) but you usually don't publically go around doing so. Guessing the producer of that show isn't going to be to hapy about this comment.

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Christopher3676d ago

@nicksetzer1: Title is misleading. He didn't call the reveal on stage a mistake, he just say it was a mistake to spend as much time on it as they did.

ZodTheRipper3676d ago

That's not harsh at all, it's the truth and it's actually good that Yoshida himself acknowledged it - I'm sure they won't make that mistake at Gamescom and TGS again after all the criticism they got.

E3 is all about gaming, talking about a TV show is something noone wanted to see there.

Eonjay3676d ago


I mean self criticism is a sign that you are not arrogant right. So this is good. They are responding to feedback and owning any mistakes made. This is great.

Gazondaily3676d ago

There you have it. Straight from the horse's mouth.

The_Hero3676d ago

They didn't talk that much about it, they talked more about the PS TV which is a Vita that plugs into your TV.

Shawn Laiden's presentation lacked the enthousiam that Jack Tretton did.

Sony's E3 did got back up when they started showing off some more games like Metal Gear Solid.

BitbyDeath3676d ago

@darkstares, why on earth would you want to see less content at E3? More is better, they could even extend it a few hours further.

Godmars2903676d ago

I'm guessing that they will if Sony Movie Studios pressures them to. Like they did this time.

FamilyGuy3675d ago

I don't think it "was a mistake" I just think it was too long. They spent too much time on it.

Magicite3675d ago

Shawn Layden still seems better than almost anyone from MS.

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NewMonday3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Yoshida:"I never said we would stop making games for PSVita, we just launch a game called Freedom Wars in Japan, it's a big title dedicated to PSVita that was received really well in Japan and we will bring to Europe and US..and we are making that very very beautiful JRPG called Oreshika, and a game made in Europe Mursaki Baby another dedicated PSVita title that got many awards at E3, and we are continuing to make cross-platform games like Helldivers and Counterspy and many many games we have in development for PSVita "

Darkstares3676d ago

I guess that's one way to take the attention away from Sony's lackluster show midway through. Go off on another tangent about something else. Great job. Maybe they should have had you to help them during the show because I don't recall much attention given to Vita.

CYCLEGAMER3676d ago Show
Gazondaily3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

LMAO at this complete deflection here from you after arguing with me.over this and defending the show. Lol this is getting bookmarked.

Let me direct you back to what the title is about:

"We spent too much time talking about Powers," he replied when we asked him about the mid-conference lull. "So we could have made [that] a bit shorter. So that was a mistake."

So why are you so desperately deflecting the topic here??! Lmao.

So tell me, do you now agree with Shuhei?

Thanks for the laughs!

randomass1713676d ago

@NewMonday I'm confused... what does that quote have to do with the one in this post? Isn't this kind of off-topic?

NewMonday3676d ago


it's from the video, did anyone watch it?

Prime1573676d ago

Guys, it was a 12 minute interview... the title was a snippet of the video. If you don't want to watch the full interview, you can view highlights here: http://www.gamereactor.eu/a...

The title was a segue into the interview, and I wouldn't say he was off topic as the full interview was in the article above.

kenshiro1003676d ago

New Monday, now what did I tell you about using logic around here?

Gazondaily3675d ago

Why not tackle the title though? After how quick you jump into xbox articles qith marginally provocative headlines you come on here and deflect the issue completely?

Absolutely pathetic.

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imt5583676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )


And Shawn Layden has anything to do with it? Powers came after House's announcement.

True, Powers should not have any minutes on E3. For me, Shawn Layden had OK presentation about PS Now. Anyway, he introduced MK X.:)


Well, PS Now is all about games, isn't it?

Automatic793676d ago

I agree Jack was one of a kind that part of Sony's E3 really brought down the entire show.

showtimefolks3676d ago

there was a article that sony had become arrogant now but thing like these prove that they are very self aware and willing to admit a mistake

SpiralTear3676d ago

Being self-aware of your arrogance doesn't mean you aren't arrogant.

OT: Powers was a bore that took time away from the conference, time that Sony could've shown one or two more big titles with, preferably something new that hadn't already been leaked or teased.

Magnes3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

@showtime= Good point interesting way to run a company own up to your mistakes. Thinks, ponders, yep we have something here..