Why $20 for The World ends with You on mobile is worth it

G3AR writes: "It’s no secret that Square Enix have a history of charging exorbitant prices for their mobile games. At a cursory glance, Final Fantasy IV , V and VI retail for a rather hefty R129,99 each. Meanwhile, even some of the shorter, mobile-centric games like the recently released Hitman GO retail for R54,99. Of course, there’s a certain qualitative level you receive when buying games like Final Fantasy, the Hitman series, Chrono Trigger and Dragon’s Quest, all of which are some of the most recognised and beloved series of all time."

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Antnee5341571d ago

Gamers just need to boycott mobile games cause it ruining the handheld market where we get the real games Unlike mobile where All u get is a less than 5 min experience then u never play it again

MegaRay1570d ago

or just download it for free (no jailbreaking in android needed).
Seriously i am not buying $20 for a mobile game, 3ds or Vita? yeah i would, Mobile? HELL NO

Antnee5341570d ago

I rather less 3ds games though lol only because I want there to be some room for vita to get games. Lol