5 Reasons why Android TV could be the future of gaming

Google's Android TV, coupled with a gaming controller and optimized games will take the mobile gaming world by storm, as it will be the future of gaming, ushering in a new era of home entertainment.

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HoldenZA2758d ago

Interesting take on Android gaming. I think people are a bit too restricted to the idea of change. If its good enough I will have no problem moving to android gaming.

Sillicur2758d ago

Hopefully it will be amazing. Android is such a great, open platform to work off that it could open up a lot of opportunities!

PeaSFor2758d ago

1 Reasons why Android TV wont be the future of gaming:

its "Android gaming", nuff said.

NextLevel2758d ago

Android will be the future of gaming. Just make the gameplay good.

Blues Cowboy2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Interesting. See, I love Android as a mobile/tablet OS (at least, not for work, hopefully Knox will make it more secure), but as a gaming ecosystem it's utterly shocking. Too much piracy -- or perceived piracy -- and too many devices/OS versions to optimise efficiently. Android gaming is months if not years behind where it should be.

Great for F2P, though. Piracy is just free client distribution.

However, Google TV addresses most of these concerns while still emphasising the open nature of the OS. What sets this apart from other Android microconsoles is that it can be included in Smart TVs as standard. Great move.

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chrissx2758d ago

Android can never be my future of gaming. Unless sony, nintendo and finally ms some how evaporate from existence

JBSleek2758d ago

Not really. Android TV has the potential to simply dominate the living room period. Mobile processors are climbing at such an alarming rate as well. Tegra K1 is simply a monster.

Android commands 80% of the mobile market. Therefor their are many people who are in their ecosystem already who already has games for this.

They will be cheap, powerful, and connected to many future TVs.

I'm not one to bet against Google.

Sillicur2758d ago

Exactly, the Tegra K1 is a beast. I think google will dominate the world, let alone our living rooms soon enough !

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