Alien: Isolation Apparently Comes in Three Editions

A new trailer has been released of Alien: Isolation which shows off their nominations from E3 and also includes pre-release footage of the game that is work in progress. At the same time, listings of different editions of Alien: Isolation have been spotted on Amazon Germany’s website.

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oODEADPOOLOo2668d ago

sweeet! a collectors edition of this game and Destiny would easily make my list for the year....If I had the money! lol can barely buy whats coming out this year.

Ron662668d ago

The good, the bad and ugly versions?

BG115792668d ago

Damn, you beat me to it. ^^

a08andan2667d ago

If it was a Capcom release it would feature numerous editions: Good Ultra Super Edition, Ultra Super Bad Edition, Ultra Super Bad Ugly Diamond Plus Edition and so on..

nidhogg2668d ago

idc how many freaking editions they make. Just make the game good if not great. If it's good sure I'll buy whatever edition thrown at me. been DYING to play a true Alien game.

tigertron2668d ago

I so can't wait for this game. :D

Ryan7412668d ago

Oh yeah baby, count me in.

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